Cut down days and Overall player ratings

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Re: Cut down days and Overall player ratings

With the new dynamic ratings and tendencies there could be a few things separating these players. One would be consistency. You could have a 75 overall who never changes but a 68 who goes up to a 78 if fed the ball but once the regular season starts will he get his touches or not? Then you have tendencies. Drops open passes? Makes sideline catches?

In last years game I was in an OD with the Lions. It was year 2016 and I had Calvin along with Onaje Lewis (a great WR but small) and Comardelle (6'6" with 94 speed and 99 awareness). Comardelle became my best receiver even though he was an 80 overall and the other two were over 95. He would drop a few but if it was thrown near him he would atleast attempt a catch. He had more sideline toe tappers than the other two combined over the previous 5 years. Calvin would constantly let the ball sail over his head. Over those previous 4 years I saw Calvin make 3 wild catches and all 3 were nullified after dc's. One was an amazing one handed, diving, endzone catch.

This shows how a lot of the ratings don't seem to have a huge affect. Also how lower rated players can be more effective. On the defensive side awareness is still a huge factor on d while it is only used while simmed.
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Re: Cut down days and Overall player ratings

Originally Posted by crob8822
I guess now, playing pre-season games are manditory, that is why in the first pre-season game my starters will play a series or two.
They actually programmed the preseason games this year so that the closer you get to the regular season, the less you see the actual starters/super stars of the team.

And one more thingin the game, we swap out depth charts to match what teams typically do in real life in the preseason (let the backups play the entire fourth game or take the starters out at halftime of the third preseason game).

This allows you to get a really good look at the players youre thinking about cutting every week.

I doubt they'll be mandatory. You can probably sim them and look at the stats of your rookies and other players after the game, but this makes it more realistic and rewarding to play the preseason games. I always just simmed to the regular season, but now, it appears that the preseason games will actually be important.
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Re: Cut down days and Overall player ratings

Originally Posted by crenk
agreed, and they can progress throughout the year as well especially those that have low awr ratings. Practice squads would allow you to protect guys that you think may have future value

I would love practice squads too. But you can't protect guys on your practice squad. Any team can sign them at any time. They just have to stay on their 53 man roster for three weeks.
When rookie Randall Cobb was told by this U.S. Marine that he was a big fan of the wide receiver, Cobb said, I think Im a bigger fan of yours.
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