How to Partially Fix Ratings

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How to Partially Fix Ratings

Position Types.

For example, you have different WR "attributes", and the OVR is determined by how player ratings fit into those "attributes".

Some examples:

Bernard Berrian has the "Speed Receiver" attribute, and his OVR relates to his abilities as a speed receiver. Berrian may not be a particularly good speed receiver, so even in this niche his OVR would be lower. So, as a speed receiver his OVR would be calculated by CTH, SPD, ACC, SPC (or whatever else). Berrian's progression, how he's utilized by the AI, etc. will all be influenced by having this "attribute".

Clay Mathews has the "Pass Rushing OLB" attribute, and his OVR reflects this. Wes Welker has the "Clutch/CIT" attribute, etc. But Andre Johnson would obviously have more than one, so "Clutch", "Speed", whatever else. You could look at his OVR in different ways, either have separate "OVRs" or for simplicity purpose have an average OVR. So you're going through the Depth Chart, you see his "average OVR", but you want to look at A. Johnson more closely, and it shows all his ratings INCLUDING all his "attribute OVRs".

There are three major differences here from the weapon system of the past. First, these OVRs aren't just a way to say "here is a large symbol to tell you what his skill set is". Second, these OVRs will much more greatly influence the game as they will calculate the depth chart, how players progress, prevent major rating boosts in position switching (OLB/DE ex.) while providing much more information to the player. So you see that Berrian has a 95 in the Speed WR attribute but no others it tells you that while he's an effective deep threat, he lacks possession ability, or blocking ability, route running, however you choose to organize the attributes. And it becomes difficult - should my No. 2 be a 95 Speed Receiver, 91 Possession, 82 All Round (whatever). It helps get away from just comparing OVRs and among other things organizes the players and makes that OVR much less meddlesome (so you don't have AWR being tweaked to appease fans views on what Player X's OVR should be).

Third, there could be way more "attributes" than with the weapons, so for corner you'd have "tackling corner", "press", "man cover", "zone cover", "interceptor", etc (not that you have to have this many). But then how is this different from the actual ratings? This is what I like about it, you don't require a Donny Moore to come up with and manage a bunch of new attributes for hundreds of players, the information is already there in the ratings. What changes is how the information is presented and what it means. So with Clay Mathews you don't have to worry about making sure Clay is around 95 OVR (which as the ratings currently work means having to boost skill sets where Clay isn't used, such as pass coverage or whatever because of how the OLB OVR is calculated). Instead, Clay is a "pass rushing OLB", as the player you know this, and his OVR is a reflection of this ability. So now versatile players with many abilities become useful, and role players (such as "speed WR) become both obvious and with a unique place, and a player like Demarcus Ware can have a 99 OVR without having to worry about coverage - you know his 99 reflects his pass rushing ability not his coverage ability. And should an Aarron Maybin (69 OVR OLB) switch to DE (86 OVR), he'll stay at a 69 OVR because his attribute would be "pass rush" which wouldn't change his OVR (or in a much more minor way).

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Re: How to Partially Fix Ratings

It's a good idea, but overall ratings are overrated. I never look at a guys overall when I'm doing a franchise. The only thing i look at are key attributes for what I need on my team. Honestly they could probably get rid of overall ratings and just classify people by superstar, veteran, prospect, etc... and I don't think I would notice.
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Re: How to Partially Fix Ratings

I really like this idea in theory, but I'm not sure how it would work in practice.
How would it be determined what kind of linebacker, for example, a player would be? Would it be determined based on the player's best attributes?If that's the case, then every player will be rated based only on their best attributes and we're going to end up with even more inflated OVRs than we already have. Are you going to be able to see the players' ratings for different types? For example, would we be able to see Clay Matthews' rating as a coverage linebacker? What would the AI use to determine depth charts and contract values? Would it be their OVR rating at their best position? Would it be an average of all their OVRs (in which case, isn't that just a regular OVR?)?
It's a good idea. I just think it needs refinement.
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