PS3 Jaggies....again

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Re: PS3 Jaggies....again

Originally Posted by blklightning
it's because they aren't using any of the 7 SPEs of the cell. a lot, if not all, third party games on ps3 are like this.
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Re: PS3 Jaggies....again

I never played the ncaa demo on ps3 but the difference for madden between the two are beyond noticeable, Nhl looks the same on both consoles so is this a demo thing that we have seen before?
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Re: PS3 Jaggies....again

Anyone see any difference after forcing 1080P video on PS3? It seemed a bit clearer for me after doing that tonight.

In regards to the PS3/360 comparison, My 360 is an original model connected via component video so I've lately sided with Sony on multi-platform games. I just find it's a bit clearer and sharper on my television due to the analog/digital difference.

EA titles, on the other hand, are a bit frustrating jaggy-wise on PS3. FIFA has the same problem, especially on uniform numbers, lettering and club patches/shields. I was a bit annoyed by it at first, but I've since been able to get over it, for the most part.
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Re: PS3 Jaggies....again

Originally Posted by blklightning
it's because they aren't using any of the 7 SPEs of the cell. a lot, if not all, third party games on ps3 are like this.
Originally Posted by DNMHIII
That has little to do with it, I already told you the PS3 lacks an internal upscaler that can handle scaling horizontally and vertically at 1920x1080 resolution.

If you don't want to accept it then fine don't. But otherwise your just wasting your time here getting answers from people who are gonna tell you what you want to hear "PS3's better bro, this is bullcrap it needs fixed". Then after that's said everyone just argues. . .

Originally Posted by ockbarz69
i have both consoles also.....if you want the best gaming experience graphically and to get beat in the head for 50$, always go for the 360 on every game, its easy to tell if you have a multi-plat on both machines, if you want to watch a movie or play some free online with your step child version always go with ps3. theres only been a few multi-plats ever to be superior on ps3..performance and graphic wise. even the exclusives are sometimes butched...look at infamous 2, it had jags and blurryness. but usually ill go with ps3 for a game im gonna want to play online with because...more friends plus F the 50 when i can do it for free but in all 360s gpu is superior, ati graphics are just more lush than nvidias, and on top of that its made by micro$oft so of course its going to be easier to program for.
This is completely untrue, however the 360's GPU has more video ram thus allowing the 360 to have more memory dedicated strictly to graphics processing.

The 360's GPU has 512mb ram the PS3's GPU has 256mb ram dedicated to graphics processing.

In truth ATI (AMD) cards are more powerful however the software (drivers) that ATI (AMD) uses never get the most out of their cards and so now Nividia cards are far better. . . not because they're more powerful (because from a technical perspective they're not) but because the drivers Nvidia releases actually WORK.

To touch on the other part about the 360 being easier to program for, the 360 is basically a low end PC so it's extremely easy to program for. The PS3 however has Sony's cell broadband engine that is completely unlike anything we've ever seen before. . . it doesn't handle multitasking very well (the reason PS3 doesn't have party chat/music while you play) and it's incredibly alien to programmers. . . that being said the PS3 is the more powerful (overall) of the two systems (as far as true processing power goes the PS3 has one of the most powerful processors in the world). However processing is different than graphics processing. . . and like ATI (AMD) Sony sucks with software (royally) Microsoft doesn't. . . most people tend to notice software over hardware. Sure the PS3 doesn't handle multitasking very well but party chat could be made to work on it somehow. . . there's more than enough power. . . it's just that Sony doesn't understand it's system well enough to create adequate software to pull it off.

Now that all that's been said, if I see anything that says otherwise I'll maliciously quote myself until this thread is locked as the above answers everyone's questions and is the TRUTH. No "excuses for developers" etc. . .

Good day
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Re: PS3 Jaggies....again

I wish a developer would let us know if it will be smoother in the final build. Even though i do not think it is that bad IMO.
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