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Re: resolution question

Originally Posted by Giants4Natic
Guys this has been discussed at nausea

PS3 version is native 720p, if you force 1080p by checking the 720p then you are forcing the ps3 to put madden under 720

Madden does not do 1080p on ps3. It upscale to 1080p on 360 because the xbox has a dedicated upscale which dies not lower resolution like ps3

It does not matter one bit the tv you have, tvs do not improve graphics.
Sowhere is the option to make the PS3 output in 720? TV Menu? Game Menu? PS3 settings menu?
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Re: resolution question

Originally Posted by zoguloth22
1080p is only good if your hd screen is 50 inches or better other then that 720p is the best 1080p is for larger screens if you dont believe me google tech youl find out.

That's not accurate.

The human eye can't discern the added benefit of 1080p, at normal viewing distances, unless the screen is larger than 50", but to say that 1080p isn't good unless it's 50", gives the impression that the quality of the picture goes down with 1080p the smaller the screen. That's not true at all.

In general, you go by the native res of your TV. If you view any content that doesn't match the native res of your screen, then your TV has to process and scale the image to match the native res of the TV. Some TVs do a better job of that than others. Some components may get in the way and not allow your TV to do its job, as well. That's another story though.

Bottom line is that you want to go with what res matches the native res of your TV. 1080p won't adversely affect picture quality on a smaller screen if that smaller screen's res is actually 1080p.

If Madden looks worse on 1080p than 720p, that's because it's not a true 1080p source, and the software is not doing a great job of upscaling it. In that case, leave it at 720p and your TV may do a better job.

There is no one size fits all solution to this for every TV. There is also the element that some people's eyes and knowledge are questionable, and they may not be seeing what they think they are as well.
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