Superhuman LB!!

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Old 08-23-2011, 01:12 PM   #1
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Superhuman LB!!

Don't know how many of you guys watched the Bears-Giants game last night but I did notice one thing.


Although, the guy did beat cancer so maybe he really is superhuman.
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Re: Superhuman LB!!

I didn't realize he had a fight with cancer and won so congratulations to him that's awesome

that was a pretty low bullet pass and the receiver wasn't to deep at all. I believe the main issue with super linebackers in the game isn't just the linebackers A.I. But has more to do with the trajectory of the QB's passes. There seems to be no touch passing in NCAA and as a result if u try to throw over linebackers to receivers who should be deep enough to pull it off they make u look stupid and pick it off. Also the linebackers reaction time is what is really unrealistic. These guys react to the ball as soon as u let go and make a play no matter what position they were in to realistically beable to. I think madden has taken a pretty big step forward though from what I have seen in the demo...

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Re: Superhuman LB!!

Hacks! Shenanigans! I hate this B.S. superman LB crap!
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Re: Superhuman LB!!

I actually think the super lb is toned down in the demo.....I notice If I throw to the TE he makes alot of huge leaps, batts and picks. But I've thrown over Urlacher to Jennings and Driver a ton of times and cringed when I did thinking "pick"...but he just stood there and the WR made the catch literally right behind him...don't know if it's my slider settings or what but I'm happy with the improvement.
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Re: Superhuman LB!!

Oh my god!!!! Thank god this is just a demo of the National Football League...I hope the retail version on September 11th has this worked out.
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Re: Superhuman LB!!

I had Urlacher make a 1 handed interception when i threw it to a wr who was about 15 yards behind him in the demo. Superhuman LBs are def still in full force.
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lol when I saw this last night I thought the same thing. Although he almost dropped it he still had the ability to jump up basically just like the players in the game im glad you posted this

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