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Re: Madden 12 Retail Impression (Franchise and Superstar Mode - NO QUESTIONS/DISCUSSI

i feel like i could sue over the false advertisement that was on display with the superstar mode "upgrades" you guys just cant ever get your own game right can you
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Madden needs position battles again. I'm doing a cowboys season and I got position battles all over the place. Also add the newspaper again.

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Re: Madden 12 Retail Impression (Franchise and Superstar Mode - NO QUESTIONS/DISCUSSI

Ok. So I spent about 3 hours last night with franchise mode. I don't even bother with superstar/RTG. The only "my player" mode I like is being a pitcher on RTTS on MLB The Show11.

So here we go. The good and not so good.

1) Expanded rosters - Alright a bain of major major contention on the forum right now with UDFA. I simmed a few seasons and I must tell you that it is not nearly as bad as some contend. Most of these guys don't sniff the field. Yes there is an issue in that your CPU counterparts will make some wonky decisions with them and cut some decent veterans here and there. But Franchise mode is extremely playable with expanded rosters. There are different things you can do to overcome this if it really bothers you. If your a major hardcore sim head you already have 32 team control and can play God. But if your like me and like to have a balance of a good sim but also have the CPU handle tasks such as depth chart management (but step in when needed), signing free agents in-season in fill roster holes from injuries and the auction and drafting for themselves, there are a few excellent threads here with a chock full of approaches to franchise. Take advantage of all the OS'ers sharing their methods and use and not use what fit's your way of wanting to play this game.

The great thing is IMO Franchise mode is worlds better than any previous next gen Madden. However it still has some catching up to do in some little details to rise above it's PS2 breathren. (weekly show of some sort, A stronger more immersive dynasty hub like NCAA 12)

2) Scouting - I like the new scouting. It is a challenge. It is a great idea that needs some more polishing but again there is a thread here with a guide of what positions you should be scouting in-season, at the Combine and what players to bring in for Pro Days. But I like it.

3) UDFA - I am cool with this. Most of these guys will be non-factors for most teams. 1 team franchise players.....relax you will be fine. For those of us who control all 32 teams we can make the roster adjustments needed within an hour or 2 at the most. I like the idea of unlocking the ratings throughout pre-season for UDFA and now rookies. I will love playing the pre-season and doing my own version of position battles. I think it adds a ton fo drama to franchise mode. It does need AI work going forward. But the amount of lash out against it IMO now that I have done some testing is waaaaay overdone.

4) Player Roles - AWESOME. They are back and there are more than ever before and I love the fact it adds a dynamic to the game in the way of effecting the player and his teammates around him

5) DPP - the biggest gamechanger for Madden Franchise mode is DPP and it is well done in my limited time with it. I love the fact players now get rattled, or get hot or cold. Excellent addition that really give a chock full of personality and soul to your Virtual NFL!!

6) Free Agent Auction - great idea, needs some refinement going forward. But I love the fast pace. It forces you to be very prepared and hav a shopping list in hand before you start the timer and go into the fray! Make sure before going into the off season you take a look around the league at pending free-agents and start making a must get list.

7) Player Edit in Franchise - we wanted this for a while and it is here. But if your player has a role they will lose it for that season that you do any edit. So be careful. A bug that EA needs to address via Patch and I am sure they will.

8) Draft logic - By having 32 team control you can really tighten this all the way around. If your a 1 team franchise using NCAA classes you will have some frustration which has been bwell documented. If anything do the 32 team control just to set the position priorites for each team. It takes less than 45 minutes to do and will make for very realisitic draft with either the generated or NCAA import rookies. I found the CPU to draft quite well with the Madden classes. And I have read numerous posts regarding customizing player priorites to get a sound CPU draft using NCAA imported classes. Other than that the draft is still bare bones. No flash or presentation.

9) Interface - You have heard about the pain in the butt backing in and out....but in reality it is an extra button press (triangle for you PS3 guys like me). That's it. One extra button press. It is annoying but once your used to it.....it's over. This was a oversight though and they need to get back like they had it. You will always see the weekly game math-up screen first. Press triangle and you will be at the well known franchise hub you have seen on 10 and 11. I love the stat's screens this year...very well done!

Overall I am very pleased with all the additions to franchise mode this year. I can see myself pouring in 100's of hours into Madden 12 and actually keeping this and NCAA 12 to compliment each other for a couple of cycles. I think EA has really pushed both engines as far as they can go. What we will see in the next couple of years IMO is improved play by play and hopefully some more AI tuning. But gameplay and features.....both games are stacked.


If your on the fence because of supposed wonky AI and all the other issues.....don't get worked up. The game is very playable and you will enjoy it.

If your a hardcore sim/text head you can get a ton out of this mode but you do have to commit some work arounds to get it the way you want it.

If your like me and like a very solid football game with all your NFL players and teams you love Madden 12 is a very solid purchase and IMO a keeper.

It will go down as one of the best Maddens to date.

Now get playing!
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Re: Madden 12 Retail Impression (Franchise and Superstar Mode - NO QUESTIONS/DISCUSSI

I really like Franchise and can see spending a lot of time in that, but I'm disappointed w/Superstar Mode.

In Madden 07 (S Alexander cover), I played SS mode in that game to DEATH. Even my wife got hooked on it and played two careers as a DB and WR! But what made that game's SS better than M12's SS? Depth, immersion and AI logic.

Things I miss from 07:

--I loved how you could select your parents for a good DNA 'recipe' for your player, which affects his ratings and how good he can be. If you want a phenom right outta college that can start at a high level, you can do that or come in more lowly if you like.

--Interviews, combine, agent sigining are all cool.

--Liked the calendar w/workouts, practices, interviews, agent upgrades, etc.

--I loved creating CB's in 07, and you'd get some play. In 12, CB is boring because there's almost no action coming at you, at least in my experience so far. QB was fun in 12 though.

I just prefer 07's SS setup, plain and simple. I think M12's SS mode is just too stripped down.

I did enjoy my M12 SS mode as the 'saviour' rookie QB for Seattle, but injuries were an issue with the rest of the team during the season. And then in the offseason...what happened?? We start the preseason games with only four wideouts on the roster and cut guys that should not have been cut?? What happened to the roster was a disaster, and I didn't even want to proceed with a second season.

Someone please tell me that I glitched or something and that their experiences with the roster turnover/mismanagement aren't a problem?

Like I said, I can be fine w/just Franchise; it's great. But SS would be nice to get back into, even if it's a little basic and less immersive than 07 was.

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