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Re: Gameinformer review

The exclusive rights talk ends here.
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Re: Gameinformer review

Originally Posted by bkrich83
Mlb2k is a true sim? Now I've heard it all.

It may not be perfect but it represents the game of baseball fine for my taste. To each his own and I can live with that.
Originally Posted by jim416
You are the 2k Police. :)
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Re: Gameinformer review

I haven't picked up Madden since Madden 10, but I've worn the Madden 12 demo out. Is it perfect? Nope, but IMO it's the best Madden this gen and damn playable compared to the rest. I can say that I've had problems with PA, but that problem is usually rectified by keeping the TE in to block or messing with the sliders. I wish the WRs really fought for the ball, but atleast the DBs don't do the super swat anymore. I can't wait until Tuesday....
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Re: Gameinformer review

Originally Posted by Giants4Natic
The Show is a very good game but far from awesome, that is just subjective

There is tons wrong with it and the franchise mode is not lights out. The gameplay feels scripted many times and you can tell it is by the simple fact that the producers have stated that having collision detection on slides on bases would break the game play code.

You know how many times I have seen outfielders arms go through walls. Or how suction kills running into the wall.

Those are critical gameplay aspects that have hurt madden in the past and people always called EA out on them but the Show has it but only because it is unlawful to bash it, it gets swept under the rug.

Sorry but MLB the show did little to warrant my $60 this year over last year. But say that over there and you are a troll or never satisfied.

Madden improves a lot more then previous year and we get (Lets find the bad and bash it and not talk about anything else)
First off let me say I respect your opinion. We have totally different likes and views in sports title, and there is nothing wrong with that.

You feel the show is scripted, and I do not for example.

I feel the following titles have done a great job in capturing the authenticity of their sport.

MLB The show.
NBA 2k11
NHL 11
FiFa 11.

The problem with these titles that I mention is that they pretty much nailed it, so now the titles to a certain degree get taken for granted. There really is not much more that they can do. To me they nailed the game play side of things, and now all they have to do is focus on the bells and whistles. I really hope they realize this, and not ruin what they have accomplished.

Madden at this time can not make this claim.

I do not hate the title, and I really want it to do well, but for me that wont happen till they change that engine.

Anyways you deserve to enjoy Madden, and I will not get in the way of that. I do not have that right, but for me Madden is just ok.
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