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Re: Gamespot review: only 7.5

Originally Posted by vernond
In all honesty Madden is never going to be what the hardcore sim crowd wants it to be. I don't think that they can make that game based on the framework they have to work in. In order to make that game EA would have to start all over from scratch and that will never happen as Madden is a cash cow. It's like that porn star chick that's addicted to plastic surgery (can't remember her name, maybe Tabitha something?) she keeps getting operation after operation and with each one gets further and further away from the "perfectness" she hopes to achieve. There's no possible way she can look good anymore, same goes for madden. The slate is too dirty to be cleaned.
This is probably true. I remember when Mike Wang from NBA 2k went to EA then came back and basically said he didn't see within their framework how it was possible to do what he wanted to do. I think this is just the way EA operates. It's their business model. They are a mindless machine.
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Re: Gamespot review: only 7.5

Originally Posted by Josam27o7
Exactly. How do you guys play this garbage? Both EA American football games blow next gen. I have tried every next gen version of madden and NCAA and have cringed each time. Last gen Madden, with Tony Bruno was all-time amazing times. It's so sad what they have done to madden .So again, how do you guys play this garbage?
I absolutely hated previous gen Madden. I hated the Tony Bruno piece of it even more.
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Re: Gamespot review: only 7.5

7 is about right IMO. its a solid score for a solid game. compared to the market leaders in baseball and basketball madden needs more depth but its a solid game that i will easily put in 200+ hours in
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Re: Gamespot review: only 7.5

I agree with the 7.5 for now....and it kinda scares me that I can agree with someone that said the squiggly lines in NCAA was a glitch. I have said it a million times before and I will say it again...some people just dont have that drive to be awesome unless they have competition pushing them. Madden is playable, dont get me wrong...but it just feels like they are just tweaking things here and there and those are things that should have been tweaked years ago. So the tackling suction is finally fixed so next year they are going to work on ball velocity so that you can finally throw over a LB head consistently. I am still seeing too many times where my receiver or TE is 5-10 yards behind the LB and he still jumps to knock the ball down. Or plays where a receiver is open but the ball hangs in the air too long and allows the DB to come make a play on the ball. Also next year they will tune the DPP more because right now i'm not seeing much of an effect. Go back and do your research and see how Madden was making great strides when they had comp. Now they are sitting on their hands because they are guaranteed the starting spot. Matter of fact I would have given this game a 6 just to really drive the point home to EA that we are tired of the "schism".

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