Madden NFL 12 Reviewer Impressions: Gameplay

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Re: Madden NFL 12 Reviewer Impressions: Gameplay

Originally Posted by Jukeman
"The game is fun" translate to me as "it's a good head to head game"

I'm a single player/and CPU vs CPU guy...

I guess cutting corners while getting "sim" results is their way of balancing the game...

I'll rent the game eventually so I can judge for myself but I wish there were an alternative that suits my interest (made by any company)

Football is my favorite sport and I haven't owned a football game for more than a year since 2007...

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As much as I enjoyed Madden 10 (until the cheap exploits became too much as well as the rawness of the new approach) and I did enjoy Madden 11 (believe it or not) I have not kept a Madden game more than one cycle since Madden 2007. I played that game till Madden 10 came out (my first PS3 next gen version). I plan on making Madden 12 my last Madden purchase till Madden 14 at a minimum. I have personalyl been very impressed with the demo and really feel the franchise mode will have more than enough depth for me to stay busy with it for a couple of years easy. And the same holds exactly true of NCAA 12. NCAA 11 was my first college football purchase since NCAA 07 for PS2.

I hear ya. But I think EA has really focused on this years football output. Yes the NCAA 12 bugs are well documented and are being patched. But I think EA really made a concerted effort to polish the games up and really make both of them a very strong video game representation of the game of football that is both deep in modes and replayability but also keeping the fun factor intact.

I have always loved the balance EA has been able to provide in that regard. It's not perfect but the games are a lot of fun to play.
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Still dissapointed with the tackling system. NCAA was really good this this tackiling wise. Thought it would carry over to Maden too. Guess not.
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