[Important Feedback] Lives up to the hype? Don't think so

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[Important Feedback] Lives up to the hype? Don't think so

Here is my feedback based on 3 categories

Presentation -
Commentary feels very delayed. The feel of excitement through the commentators is just not there in this year's madden. Sometimes they don't call out players by their names but they call out their jersey numbers instead. The halftime show is just a disappointment. There should be stat comparisons and a few good highlights with detailed captions. The team-specific intros are a very nice touch and I enjoy it. I do hate it when people keep pressing A to skip scenes because those are the ones who don't appreciate the presentation. Skipping cut scenes in both online and offline should require both users to press A not just one. Overall: Madden 10 presentation is better, Overall: 7/10

Game play - I'm astonished! The game play has improved astoundingly from last year's madden. The zone defense and man to man coverage is much more better. The suctions aren't completely gone but they're drastically reduced. The sideline catches are finally implemented and I am pleased about that. New animations on defense and offense are done very well. It just feels more like football now. However, issues are always present in madden games. Collision system of wide recievers and defensive backs are still bad. Throwing long bombs is a disaster and more on the luck side. Pass interferences aren't being called because of the poor collision system. Weird, and too common, the catches without looking behind is still present. Same goes for the interceptions. In conclusion, warping is still there, poor collision system in the back field, suction still exists in every aspect of the game but it has been reduced. Also, there seems to be problems with speed differences. Adrian Peterson should be able to run all the way when at max acceleration especially when db's and lb's are behind him. Overall 7/10

Franchise - Great features such as cutting players, free agency bidding, etc. However, the franchise mode is a complete disaster because they removed cool features too like the extra point show. The franchise interface is too simple and I just hate it. The news section is filled with injury headlines and nothing exciting shows up. CPU game simulations is very realistic FOR 15 minute quarters. Not everyone plays 15 minute quarters, I play 4 minute quarters. I was hoping they add an option for adjusting the minute of quarters for CPU game simulation. 2k had this right. In conclusion, features are lost but new ones are added unfortunately it just doesn't feel that exciting. Overall: 5/10

What EA needs to focus on for madden 13:

Madden needs to take it to the next level. I'm sick of this little improvements they're doing every year. It just doesn't feel right for me to give them money for this little worked on product. I understand that the competition is not existing because they bought an exclusive license. But at least make it beyond good, Jesus Christ people are still playing NFL 2k5 and that shows madden is still in it's stone ages except for the graphics. I like what the NHL franchise is doing. The 3 year cycle development for a full physics engine based on momentum is a brilliant idea. When people say they don't have time to implement an engine in one year then look what NHL is doing. Their game is dramatically getting better every year and they're getting my money defiantly. Madden needs to do the same , a 3 year development cycle of a new engine (a physics based one) because right now they're just wasting time. They should've been adding a feature like NFL LIVE/TODAY or making play by play commentators.eg. Brady scrambles...throws it... CAUGHT BY WELKER FOR 25 YARD TOUCHDOWN! I wish it was that smooth. What ever happened to the 9.0 overall critic scores madden use to get? Ea got lazy.

Also: Another thing, EA is just too focused on online and they can't simply add a stat database (like the V.I.P system 2k has) for offline users when the 2k team has this for all their sport games? Wow, that I really don't get.

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Re: [Important Feedback] Lives up to the hype? Don't think so

Use the 3 Impression threads.

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