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This is not necessarily 100% Madden game related, but I have been browsing these forums for a while, always enjoyed the discussions on player naming rights, anti-trust, and such.

EA, in the game, is very much promoting their alliance with Virgin Gaming (http://www.forbes.com/sites/velocity...ament-service/). Virgin Gaming is a 3rd party gaming and tournament service where you can play for cash, and enter tournaments for various games for cash and prizes.

There are freerolls (100K one for those who pre-ordered with GameStop), but this is very much website that was built for two things: volume and wagers. You can deposit and wager on individual games, as well as play tournaments.

At 12% juice, none the less.

The issues I have:

A) I am a poker player. I played significantly online (NLHE, PLO, Razz) for 2 years (4 total) and made a good amount of change that supported a living lifestyle (wasn't ballin'....but was paying the bills) that I paid taxes on (not all do, and the operators sure hell don't). Then the UEIGA and Black Friday happened (along with Full Tilt Poker owing players around $500-700 million) and internet Poker was gone. I got some of my roll back from Stars, but the POTENTIAL to earn later was instantly gone thanks to an overzealous, hypocritical religious nut in Bill Frist (took money from Harrah's/MGM) and the attention-loving hounds over at the DOJ (granted, the poker companies committed major fraud, too). But it still should not affect my right, to play, a gambling game of skill (ruled in court, Baxter vs IRS) none the less.

this leads me to.....

B)...so its OK for EA and Virgin to run, basically, a video game casino? Do they pay any taxes on the juice they take, or do the players pay any on the winnings they receive? What kind of message to kids is this sending that a video game competition isn't complete unless something is on the line?

Players can wager away now; and with the volume so easy to attain, you could lose money very quick, especially for a kid 14-24. Especially on something so -EV. I am good at Madden....but I'd never bet my life roll on it (I wouldn't even do it in poker...altho I have before lol). Plus these games, as we know on these boards, can be so manipulated in so many ways to favor one side, there is absolutely no way the ingenuity of the competition can be 100% kosher, or that a player could enter into a game vs an opponent with not only skills unmatched, but easter eggs/codes/exploits that uneven the playing field without the player even KNOWING it.

But yet I can't chase a flush draw that I know the odds for?

On top of that, this is monopolizing on EA's part (shocker!). I have wagered on video games online before at another much smaller site (and much shadier, if you ask me. I deposited 15 bucks on one, ran it up to 22, didn't play for 3 mths and the money was gone. Emailed support, no answer either). They may of been shady, but other players in the market who could have the gamers' best interest with innovative ideas when it comes to this "surging" genre of online gaming.

The online gaming dollar I guess needs a place to go after Black Friday. And EA/Virgin (along with their corporate sponsors) are betting on it to be on video games (until the gov't shuts it down lol.....BTW is this legal?)

Don't get me wrong; in the end, I want ALL of this to be legal. I am in the Ron Paul, "Do as you want, as long as you don't hurt anyone" crowd. I just feel uncomfortable, I guess, that if I have a son growing up, I can't show him how to make money off a game based around mathematics and intuition, but one based around money plays and aimless stick work.

But yet again, maybe this is what the government wants. You can bet on a game of Madden, but not on a game of poker.
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