m12 hurting its own cause

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m12 hurting its own cause

this isnt a bug, this isnt a glitch...this is just the game not shipping right.

i am playing on my new slider set...it is posted in sliders

and i am playing the most incredible game. i am down 17 to 10 with 1:45 left to go and losing to the redskins, i am the bills.

gabbert is 23-34 with 224 yards and 1 pick. i am leading a drive to try and tie the game. on 3rd and 10 i step up in the pocket. throw an out to steve johnson. he leaps, makes a 1 handed catch. gets both feet down and drags them right before going out of bounds. it is the most beautiful catching animation i have ever seen in madden.

i instantly go to save it so i can post it on here.

and what do you know. the game freezes.

now i have been playing m12 non stop since i went and forked over and extra 25 to get this game early cuz honestly i dont care about the other games. and then i dropped another 65 today.

90 bucks.

now altho i am upset with the horrible commentary errors that, how the devs can sell this game knowing it does this. cuz you cant play a game and not have it call ppl wrong names or just say their number. i can live with it.

the horrible punt return blocking, i can live with it.

the fact that dpp just makes up its own mind on when ur gonna go cold, nothing to do with game play really...that i can live with.

players not looking even remotely close to their real life counter parts (see steve johnson)...that i can live with

why because i love the graphics. camera angles. and the game play feels solid.

but how u gonna sell me $90 of product with the above mentioned that are completely obvious in the game. i mean these arent coming out after the game been out for 2 weeks and ppl played hundreds of game. oh no. this is after ppl played 5 games. so its obvious they knew about it and sold the game to us anyway. but still i can deal with it and find the joy in this game.

but then to not even have the save highlights feature work. and not just not work. but freeze up my game. im my franchise. so now i gotta do everything all over again that i did today. this needs to be explained to me.

just explain to me how all that warrants $90 please

i put up with all these other things that sure will get fixed in a patch i am sure. but how much gameplay will then be addressed, who knows. but the fact is i shouldnt have to deal with some of these things for a game i spent 90$ on.

maybe i am over reacting cuz of what just happened to me.

i still love this game. and i am gonna play this game all over again, hopefully its as good as this one. but none the less. with all these blatantly obvious issues that are extremely crucial to the game and stand out being shipped to us anyway. when they had an extra 2 weeks to work on the game.

well it just makes me feel really cheated out of $90 hours. thats almost 2 days of work for me.

i just want someone from EA to get on here and explain this to me, and tell me how this was okay for my 90$

anyone else feel this way?? meaning you like the game, like me...but crap keeps happening that makes u wonder if the game was worth the price tag?

alright guess i get to do this all over again.
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Re: m12 hurting its own cause

everyone on here feels the same and NOBODY from EA cares the slightest....they will just smile b/c they have gotten 90 dollars from you...
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