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Black and White Sliders

Ok, I'm really trying to like this game. But I'm now at a point where the game just isn't enjoyable and the sliders are the biggest reason. Let me explain. If I play on Pro settings the game is waaaayyy too easy. Without even trying I'm able to put up crazy numbers. I'm able to run at will and even my backup quarterbacks are playing like they are Tom Brady.

If I bump up the difficulty to All-Pro the game becomes almost impossible. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a hardcore gamer. I don't have the time. But in All-Pro I can barely score. It's insane. The bright spot is in both settings I play decent D so I'm not getting blown out. I just end up losing 17-3, that is if I score at all.

So you would think the next step is to bring the sliders halfway between the two settings? Wrong. I adjusted the sliders to 63 and almost no difference in gameplay. I was still blowing teams out. So I adjusted the sliders further and tried another game. This time 55, just 5 notches below All-Pro. Again, same results. Toward the end of that game I went to All-Pro and all of a sudden I couldn't score again. I couldn't even move the ball.

Why does the sliders have to be so black and white? I don't want to rush for 300 yards every game and I don't want to be shutdown every game either. There's no middle ground at all. In Madden 11 the sliders were set up different and I was able to adjust my game to my skill level and I always had different outcomes. Playing Madden was enjoyable. Is anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions on how to fix it besides wait for a patch to fix it?
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Re: Black and White Sliders

I actually had this problem in 11, except it was all pro/all madden. As soon as my sliders passed a certain ammount i was suddenly playing on all madden and everything was nearly impossible. I actually got to the point where i could move 1 point back and forth and the game was entirely different.

The sliders seem to work properly for the skill level they average out to. Meaning if you start at what they are on rookie, and drop human qb accuracy to zero, youll likely bump it up to pro and have trouble throwing. Everything else wont be as easy as rookie, but it will be easier then it normally is on pro. If that makes any sense.

You sound like you need to play on all pro with the sliders heavily in your offenses favor, meaning you will need to make defense set harder to avoid dropping to pro. Or you could try pro and lower your offense as much as possible without bumping it to all pro, but i doubt it will work as well.

I dont have my game yet, but it feels like all pro is more challenging this year on the demo, so i should be ok.
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