Career tackle stats are wrong!

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Career tackle stats are wrong!

EA have decided to use the official combined total of tackles as the solo total and once combined with assisted tackles, this results in players, such as Stephen Tulloch having over 200 tackles for the 2010 season which is wrong. He had a 111 solo and 49 asst which equal 160 not the 209 that EA have listed.

Can someone at EA please get the tackles stats fixed it isn't that difficult to transfer stats into a game.

This is the 4th year running where there has been an issue with something as simple as tackle stats.
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Re: Career tackle stats are wrong!

Omg, thank God I'm not the only one that noticed this. I simply do not understand what is so difficult in implementing correct tackle stats. I almost feel like whoever is responsible for that part of the game knows nothing about football. Please for the love of God, fix this. The formula is this

Solo tackles and assists equal total tackles.

Also, when using supersim, tackle stats are not calculated....or are hardly calculated. Please fix this
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Re: Career tackle stats are wrong!

I say some stats are wrong for all positions.

Right now looking at Santana Moss.
for 2009 he has:
10 rec. 902 yds 3 tds

That's 90.2 avg yds per rec.

It was like that in Madden 11 to.

I don't think they will fix it.
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Re: Career tackle stats are wrong!

This isn't a knock on anyone over at EA but when I think of guys that are programming computers and games and sitting in front of a terminal all day....I do not think of football players, or anyone deeply involved in the game on any level. i think of guys who are good at programming. While I'm sure SOME of them love football and MAY know alot about it, I'm just as sure SOME don't love or know much about it as well.

However, if I get myself involved in something that I know little about i ask people that do know to tell me what I need to know and evaluate my work. Case in point. I'm not a carpenter and am a total loser when it comes to using tools. I was replacing boards on my deck. I had my friend who is good show me what to do, check my work at the end of the day etc. I wanted it to be right. I'm not saying EA DOESN"T do that, but I'm hoping they do and when stuff like stats etc, are so off (see also sim stats for QB comp %) it makes you wonder: "either they didn't know it was wrong, or knew it was wrong and didn't fix it." Both thoughts are troubling.
"I'd rather lose to the cpu with realistic stats than win with ridiculous stats."

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