Why do YOU do 32 user controlled team franchises?

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Its the only way to mimic any semblance of the NFL landscape.
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Re: Why do YOU do 32 user controlled team franchises?

For me it is out of necessity.

With Madden 11 I was able to tolerate the wonky AI (I was able to finish 3 full seasons before I traded it in for NCAA 12 in May).

But I plan on playing Madden 12 for a couple cycles as I have no intention of buying a new NFL or for that matter NCAA game till at least the 2014 versions come out.

The AI logic flaw with the new expanded rosters, and the drafting flaw with NCAA 12 imported draft classes (which I want to use as I am playing the crap out of that game and want to see my kids in the NFL) have literally forced me to go with 32 team control.

I am actually looking forward to it though. I love the fact I will be able to make sure all the teams keep key players just like IRL and at the same time by using the random number method "ManningtoHarrison" suggested in his "32 Team Control Guide" Thread I will not be slanting anything for any team.

Controlling the draft is a must with NCAA imported classes as the cpu will only take highest overall and then you get punters taken in the top 10. Unacceptable in my offline franchise. That alone will ruin the entire experience for me.

It will take time to do the pre-season and off season work...but I will have a true league happening in my franchise. Once I get the hang of it I am sure it will go quicker in the following years.

My only fear right now (I have not received my copy of the game yet) is the UDFA cut downs are going to be very cumbersome and take a lot of time. I am not looking forward to the pre-season chore.

And quite frankly if that flaw was not present I would not be doing 32 team control and use Madden generated draft classes. But everything I have read is showing this UDFA thing to be a fatal flaw to franchise mode.

Thank god NCAA 12 dynasty mode is awesome. At least that mode runs smooth for me controlling just one team. I know a bunch of hardcore NCAA fans find flaws...but the logic is much sounder in NCAA 12 than Madden 12.

So it seems.
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I like to play every game and control all teams. Always done it with Madden.

Do you really care where I sent this from?
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