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Icon5 Offline Franchise... hot seat and money

I should qualify, I've not played Madden in many years, and I'd like to run my franchise team for quite a few years... but this game (Wii) has a set up where you have to qualify 2 of 3 conditions, based on record, fans, money or else you get put on the hot seat and 2 years in a row of this and you get fired.
Ok, sounds fine... IF the system for making money for your team and the fans are sound. But after simming through one year (left the game for sales prices, etc., all on default.
Not fine... And I'm asking if this system is sound... because
after the first simmed year, my team went 8-8 and did not meet the team record requirement of a "winning record", and the money my team earned was basically one-half of the money that the financial adviser expected.
And the fan-based advisor informed me that I only had about one-half of the fans that were required to meet his goal for me. And I play in a domed stadium, so I can't be losing fans to rain or snow.
So the simmed franchise in year one missed all 3 goals.

The winning record will be not so much of a concern at first for me, once I play-coach the games... BUT...
How do you get a high enough fan base and money earned in this game so that you can run a team for several years???
It's not as if my team should have had too terribly of unrealistic expectations in the fans and money if the team was only expected to finish 9-7 or better.

Any advice on money and fans in franchise mode? Or any guides, etc. as to how to set advertising so that you can make a decent amount of money back versus the money spent on it. Etc.

I've searched through the forums here and the EA Forums for 2-3 hours now, and can't seem to locate any significant intel on these things... and I don't want to spend days playing a franchise that will only end after 2 years.

Or doesn't anyone play offline franchise leagues (with the same team) here for more than 2 years?
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Re: Offline Franchise... hot seat and money

PS3 I don't see options to adjust the prices of food, tickets ex. My problem is not the revenue its the amount of cap my team starts off with, Some players contracts are set wrong or maybe since the late CBA it was not implemented in the game. But with my chise i have to let go of good OVR player if i want to have cap to sign my drafted players.

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Re: Offline Franchise... hot seat and money

Sounds cool to me, wish 360 had this feature.
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