Sweating the small stuff...

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Sweating the small stuff...

Have been playing since Weds. I have to see I do like this version better than last years. However, I do have some things that are driving me crazy. Maybe its just me and I am just anal but..... I wont really go into gameplay too much, but will just vent about some of the "small things" that detract from the game.

Too many interceptions. Even when I tweak the AI waaaay down, I am still getting at least 3-4 a game, even if its cpu v cpu.

Commentary seems more natural this year, but there is still issues. I HATE when Gus Johnson says "Uh-oh!!! Watch out!!!" when a player catches a 12 yard out. I cringe every time he says "The score is Miami 10 and New England 28". You can tell some of the new commentary that was added, it is much louder than the rest.

Whats with all the players called by their numbers in the play by play? Or they are called "this player" or "This guy"

Impact player of the game. Horrible logic. I have seen it go to guys that have 5 tackles when someone throws for 300 yards a late TD to win the game.

Sideline players.. C'mon EA.. Seriously? Looks like they were done with MS paint. Its really ugly when there is a play that goes out of bounds.

Whats with the linemen "creeping" back to the line? I see this in NCAA 12 too. It looks ridiculous when a team is in the hurry up and the linemen are all hunched over and creeping back to the line from 10 yards away. Sometimes they just slide back.

And finally... Being a suffering fins fan... STOP making Sprano FAT... He looks like a WHALE... LOL The guy lost a TON of weight, at least let us have that!! Its gonna be a long year for the fins..
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Re: Sweating the small stuff...

Use the Impressions thread.

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