EA: Give me back control of my game

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EA: Give me back control of my game

Dear EA:

You are sweet. Really. And let me preface this by saying it's not you, it's me.

Except it's completely you.

I don't want you to play with me anymore. I didn't invite you. You make the game less fun. I want to play the game I bought -- I don't want you to play it.

I know I called a blitz. I know I'm controlling the blitzing player. Well, excuse me, my circle is under the blitzing player. I don't want you to take the controller from me for a solid second and force him to run his called blitz. I want to run it. Or not run it. I don want you to force my player to start to his zone. I want to do it. Or not do it. It's my game. Not yours. I didn't pay $60 for "you get control of the players sometimes."

I know the ball was thrown fast, or behind, or high, or to the outside. That's no reason for you to go into a 3 second long catch animation during which I have no control, during which time what would have been a touchdown becomes a loss of yards. It's my game to play. Not yours. Stay out of it.

If I press the pass button, pass the ball. I don't care if I'm doing a headstand while spinning in circles. Throw the damn ball. Make it a bad pass if you want, but this 3 second stop, wind up, then throw animation? Get out of my game.

Stop being lazy. Fix the underlying problems through means other than taking away control.

And while we are at it, let's clarify and discuss a few other things:

- The Steelers do not have any player named "Kissel."
- If a defender beats the receiver to the ball and waits, it is offensive -- not defensive -- PI when the offensive player runs into the defender, even if the wr were to fall down.
- Sproles, Charles, Greene, etc will never break a direct hit by a competent linebacker or defensive lineman. Especially not several times a game.
- No defender at any level of football will try to intercept or break up a high deep pass by bending their arms at the elbow to reach up. They'll jump. Or fully extend their arms.
- Going in motion and running in front of your offensive lineman is a penalty.

But really, EA, those latter points are just minor issues. The bigger problem is, quite frankly, you are too controlling. It's not what we agreed upon. You make the game, I play it.

Maybe if you change your ways EA, I'll give you another chance.


- Cutwolf

PS I am dating your currently nonexistent sister. She can't be any worse than you.
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Re: EA: Give me back control of my game

locked...no "Hey EA" threads.
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