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"GM Mode" Results

Since I am a big time sim-head like many of you here, and because the "coach mode" isnt really a coach mode, I have decided to start a franchise with my Panthers where I am the GM and just watch every game. In case anyone is wondering I will post the stats and my observations on watching CPU vs CPU games.

I am playing on slow speed with a slightly modified all-pro difficulty that I am messing with during and after each game to try and get realistic results. 11 minute quarters seems to give me a pretty realistic play count so thats what I've been going with.

I have to say after 6 games I'm liking some things and am very frustrated with others. The games themselves are pretty fun to watch but in no way are they realistic and I don't see a way to make them so....kind of another reason for me making this post to maybe get some ideas.

First off QB play....awful. I get Newton is a rookie and has low awareness and I completely accept that but the QB play for both my team and the teams Ive played has been simply horrendous. There are WAY too many instances where the QB just decides to run and just runs into defenders getting sacks. I get that this happens, but it doesnt happen in the way or with the frequency that it happens in this game. The amount of sacks are just ridiculous and I havent figured out a way to stop it. Also, there is NO mid range passing game, at all...they either throw 4 yard passes or try and bomb it down field.

My last game vs the Falcons I had -31 passing yards and they had 13...


Cam Newton - 56-103 483 yds 3 TD 3 INT 31 sacks (!) Really, really bad numbers....pretty sure I could do better.

As a team I have 316 passing yards after 6 games....
O-line has given up 27 sacks between them all and has 0 pancakes for the year

The running game is better, I'm getting fairly realistic results here, my only problem is I can not get Johnathan Stewart his carries. They only put him in if Williams has run like 6 or 7 runs on a drive then they put in Stewart for a couple. Again, I've messed with stuff to try and change it but to no avail. Also, in general QBs just run too much, not just Newton.

D. Williams -108 carries, 537 yds, 2 TDs, 4 fumbles
C. Newton - 46 carries, 348 yds, 3 fumbles
J. Stewart (hurt for 1 game) - 18 carries, 47 yds
M. Goodson - 18 carries, 52 yds

I don't really know how receivers do as they really dont get a chance to do much at all in my games....they seem to catch and or drop the ball at a fairly realistic rate though

L. Naanee - 17 cth, 172 yds
B. Lafell - 10 cth, 136 yds
G. Olsen - 9 ctch, 63 yds, 2 TD
S. Smith - Hurt for the year in game 1
then theres a bunch of guys with a couple catches...noon else is averaging more than 6.5 yards per catch

The pass rush is interesting because I'm not sure what exactly is causing the sacks. I think its more the QB acting stupid than a crazy good pass rush...DTs definitely get WAY more sacks than anyone else and I rarely have a LB get any pressure at all. DBs seem to do an OK job in coverage and INTs seem fairly solid, but its hard to really know since the ball never goes down field.

Tackles seem fairly sim, though Terrell McClain, a rookie DT, leads my team in sacks with 8 already

I have yet to have any returns go for any distance what-so-ever and have had no blocked kicks. I have had one missed FG in all of my games so far and it was off the post...everything else has been right down the middle. I bumped up punting and kickoff distance to make them more realistic.

Mare is 9-9, my punter is averaging 40.6 a punt, KR is avg about 22 and PR is averaging only 6.8

Again, just thought I'd share my observations for anyone interested....any thoughts on making my games more realistic?
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Re: "GM Mode" Results

Also, I should point out that I am not complaining about the game as a whole. Overall I am liking it and i have a chise that Ive simmed a few seasons in and I am really enjoying progression this year and also that IR actually works.

Theres a lot of good to go with the bad that people are pointing out...like the awful shot in the dark scouting/drafting system.
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