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Share some Madden stories

I had some good luck shining on me today. I played online and won 3 games that I thought were losses:
1. I had the Packers and this guy had the Eagles. We were literally trading scores. In the 4th, I went up by 7 with less than 2 mins left. He drives down the field and scores with about 11 seconds left and I'm feeling like km gonna go into overtime with no momentum. Well, he shanks the kick word right! And I mean wide. I don't know if he was nervous or had connection issues.

2. Second game was simple. I was down 21-0 at halftime. I had the steelers and he had the eagles. Defense stepped up and made some plays. Final score 28-21. Second half shut out.

3. I had the ravens and he had the bears. This guy had me 17-10, and I had multiple chances to tie it up. It got down to literally 15 seconds left on a fourth and goal from the 1. I ran up the middle with ray rice and didn't get it! But this guy had been pausing the game on and off throughout. So he got the ball back and just had to kneel, but he got 3 straight delay of games and was disqualified! He sent me a message later saying, "you are lucky that I'm at work" LOL that's what he gets for playing Madden on the clock
fool me once... shame on me.

Let's get the fantasy football section poppin!
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Re: Share some Madden stories

Played the 49ers as Arizona offline. Broke the single game passing yards record and tied the touchdown record. Won 63-24, so...yeah. Messed with some sliders afterwards and now I can't run outside worth a damn.
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Re: Share some Madden stories

I was getting killed by Arizona cardinals it was so bad that with 2 minutes left before half time they scored 21 points they hit on a long td pass and then Eli threw back to back pick 6 I wanted to cry lol fortunate I got a great defense long story short am down six points with the ball in there 40 yard no more time out only 6 second left I come out shotgun tight I notice single high safety before the snap I take the snap I got all the time in the world I bullet the pass on the post and I couldn't believe a caught the ball for td all I kept saying omg I can't believe I made it. This was the best Madden game of my life
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Re: Share some Madden stories

I was down 51-0 in the 4th quarter in an online fantasy draft dynasty game when I pulled Michael Vick and began the glorious Hope Bromley era in New Orleans. Like Joan of Arc, her appearance inspired the team and led to two consecutive forced fumbles, followed by a stunning offensive rally.

Final score: 58-35

Michael Vick: 16/37 146 yards 0 TD 4 INT

Hope Bromley: 6/6 149 yards 4 TD 0 INT

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Re: Share some Madden stories

i just started my franchise after starting many others until i got the right slider effect to get a real out come in stat wise that feels like a sim. so instead of using my lions i used the browns omg the first game in regular season was a rival game so i win the toss of course it is raining out.
1st qtr i am up 7 to zip after i get a td run using hillis.

2nd qtr starts palmer gets sacked and fumbles the ball my de is like trying to reach down and pick it up, he does and rolls to the grown next thing i know i see that i am still on defense so i challenge it and lose. im like wtf so from that point the dominate that qtr scoring 13 points and i missed a fg half time score
bengals 13 browns 7

3rd qtr i shut them down with sacks and late in the qtr i score another td this time with mark ingram yes i have dual running attack.
so going into the 4th i am up 14 to 13.
i then get down to the 2 yd line and turn it over with a int they turn around and get a safety trying to run it they punt to me then i get sacked
and turn it right back to them they end up kicking a fg to tie the game 16 to 16.

it goes to over time and there talking about the new rules this yr for games like that . the bengals win the toss first play benson gets 2yds
running next play palmer gets sacked and turned it over i then just kicked a fg and won 19-16 i got to say players were slipping and long passes were near impossible it was smash mouth football.

i am loving this game. bugs and all can not wait til it is a fixed product.
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