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The Little Things (Missed).......

EA's monster PR machine boasted about the "new and improved" presentation updates to the public more then anything this year for Madden 12.

You all know what that is supposed to mean right? An endless thread on OS about the "little things" that surface and surprise and amaze you.. Those little things that make you want to play just one.. more... game before bed..

I do not want to bash EA in this thread but what are the "little things" they missed this year and or every year?

Here are my first 2:

1. I ended the season at 13-3 with the Niners in my first year of my franchise. None of the playoff games were sold out (tons of empty seats) and it had the feeling of a pre-season game?

Empty seats for a playoff game in the bay.. No, I don't think so.

2. Why can't they get commentary right after 20 years? It is not a lack of disk space on DVD. The commentators repeating phrases on the same drive on consecutive plays!! Wow ...Nothing will ruin the immersion factor of any sports game faster then weaksause commentary. I can't wrap my melon around this shortcoming after 2 decades .. Ya I could turn it off but why should I have to do that in 2011?

3. Intro's to games.. Great for commercials, horrible in practice. - no variety at all on how the intro video is presented . From the opening sequence to the surrounding commentary. My Qb wants to get off to a good start you say? duh..... Mix it up! mention the standings or who won the last time the 2 teams matched up, importance of the game in relation to the playoff's? I already know my team is fond of retaining home field advantage, I don't need to be reminded every home game.

I would be interested others feedback on the "little things" missing or that thing that drive you crazy this year.

And please EA, the "little things" add up the a great experience for your customers. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP IGNORING THAT, hire the right talent and please put "the little things" at the TOP of your list for M13 and beyond so we can have a genuine NFL experience every time we turn on our consoles.
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Re: The Little Things (Missed).......

For me, I know the focus on Franchise Mode was 'big' for them this season.

However, the little problems and bugs that have invaded this mode are inexcusable. Rain every game (even for one season) in Cleveland is crap.

A problem I have always had with Madden's decision making IN GAME is when a CPU QB throws 4-5 INTs and is doing terrible, they never take him out of the game. This is the type of thing that I think people see and start to get annoyed with, at least I know I do.
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Re: The Little Things (Missed).......

I think something that is missed is the introduction of the players are limited to two players. Another thing is during first quarter when showing the starting offense and defense they don't show them all. Always the same guys and always highlighting the same guy.
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Re: The Little Things (Missed).......

Dunno OP, some of those little things sound more like big things (commentary).

I don't think EA missed the little things this year, I just think they only focused on a small few big additions and didn't even feel to connect them at all.

Stadium attendance - Obviously it's not dynamic at all. Made to reflect year 1 teams, but what happens if I make the Jags into a Dynasty? I bet there still will be blackouts in Jville

Commentary - Almost broken on purpose. Went downhill exponentially since last year, amazing for a feature that apparently wasn't touched at all by EA. New QB spotlight seems to be really detailed for only a few of the QB's, rest seem generic with lines like "Well, he wanted to have a good game..."

Intro's - Great for play now games. Don't work for Franchise. After a few years, even 1 offseason, they won't be saying the player names anymore running out. When they had player roles a few maddens ago it worked way better because they would choose the top role players and not just always introduce set players. Heck, I'm almost certain they don't say Orton for Denver since Tebow shipped as the starter.

Some things I think they should have added (little things)... just for Franchise:

Hot Streaks - If a guy finishes the year on a hot streak, especially on a contract year, give the guy a new deal! We've all seen guys step get rewarded for one years performance in the pro's

Hold outs - Said player has great year and still making his rookie 5th rnd money. For any "diamonds" you find, they may cost you 1st round money sooner rather then later.

Cold Streaks - CPU should bench a player if he's on a cold streak (within reason). Obviously P Manning/Brady wouldn't get benched (unless it was horrid), but if I see Dalton/a rookie, or even a middle of the road vet on a cold streak on a loosing team, CPU should bench or else the cold streak could last longer.

Project players - See this role pop up but it makes no sense. If these project players don't play then they won't progress like they should. A real project player role should be used if EA brings back training camps and training during the season. Pick up a project player (Tebow), and you could have a great player, but you might have to spend most of your training time on him and if he doesn't pan out it could hurt your team as a whole.

QB of the Future - same as above. It's nice it says the CPU won't draft a 1st rnd QB (if that's true) with this role, but having training camps would help if you could develop them while you have a vet playing for a few seasons. Maybe for players with developmental roles, preseason games could be multiplied to resemble 16 game seasons. Quick fix for no training camps, and they could ride the bench but still progress decently if not played.

Better contract feedback - All you really get is "No." I want feedback, counter offers, anything other then just "No." It's annoying when you want to sign someone but you have to keep bumping the price till they sign. It would be even better if you had limited attempts, if you get rejected 3 times they won't sign at all. Also, why can I sign Front/Back loaded contracts in the bidding but can't any other time?

There's a lot of little things that could up to an even greater game. But more than likely EA will again focus one on or two issues for next years game, and the little things will keep adding up.
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Re: The Little Things (Missed).......

Gus says before every titans game- "...between the ---- and the NEW YORK TITANS"....
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Re: The Little Things (Missed).......

It would appear they sabotaged the commentary so they can focus on it next year. This type of shell game by EA is getting old.
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Re: The Little Things (Missed).......

QB completion percentage to low in franchise. Most QBs percentage is in the 50s.
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Re: The Little Things (Missed).......

I think the presentation is overall good and immersive, but there's nothing satisfactory about the commentary. It regressed from last year.

As far as little things, there are some holes in the presentation. I still think there are times when I'm in the dark about how my QB is doing, but it's no biggie.

One thing I don't like is how the QB is (seemingly) always the 'impact performer' after the 2nd half. He could be stinking it up, and Gus still breaks out his enthusiastic tone to almost suggest the QB is having a great day. I'm not sure how much sense it makes to hear "HE'S THE IMPACT PERFORMER" after completing a pedestrian 50% of his passes and tossing 2 INTs.
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