New to the place. Major pet peeve in Franchise Mode.

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Re: New to the place. Major pet peeve in Franchise Mode.

Originally Posted by GiveMeYourBeans
I absolutely can't stand "player potential."

If I have a RB that rushes for 1500 yards at 4.5-5.0 ypc he should be in the 90's the next season but no, because he was rated a C he will only max out from 70-80.

It really sucks the fun out of developing players.

Thank god you can edit players in franchise this year.
You have to realize that ratings in Madden are a lot different than how a player's skill set exists in real life.

In Madden player's ratings are defined. You can easily look at their ratings and get a picture for the type of player they are in the game.

In real life a player's skill set is very subjective in the game of football. Performances can vary wildly from year to year, and game to game.

Now that they have introduced DPP they are trying to incorporate those fluctuations in talent from week to week but are missing out on the idea of what I like to call "perceived player value". Peyton Hillis is the perfect example of this. He wasn't very highly rated in previous editions of Madden and was overlooked by a lot of Coaches/GMs in the league. Even when the Browns traded for him I am not sure they realized what exactly they were getting, besides a back who could block, catch and run pretty well. This is really what should replace the overall rating. You should have a GM for every team who has his own skill set in regards to player evaluations and scouting and over the course of games/seasons his overall ratings for players will fluctuate drastically until he gets a good read on what exactly that player brings to the field each and every day.

For example, you draft a QB in round 6 of the draft because your GM is high on him. He comes into Pre-Season with an estimated OVR or 75 and a Potential of B. You give him some playing time and he does well so his OVR creeps to 84 and Potential is bumped up to A by the end of Pre-Season. But really under the hood he is only a 65 OVR player with a D potential, but you would never know it! All you would see is his "perceived player value" or PPV or whatever have you. As he continues to do well in his career other GMs in the league start upping their PPV of him and he commands the contract of a top flight QB because of the stats he put up, and not because of his actual skills.

A system like this would be amazing to an extent, but it would be frustrating to most people as they would draft those can't miss prospects who are 89 OVR as a Rookie with A potential, only to get to the end of the season and have them sitting at 64 OVR and F potential. A lot of people on this board don't seem to like the idea of drafting a bust or having the metagame actually be hard.
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