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It is becoming increasingly frustrating to be part of these boards. No matter what you ask you get ridiculed for and then someone else will come along and say "We can't have threads like this"

My question is specific to my needs it wasn't meant to look thru millions of posts of Madden impresssions. It's specific to my needs. I am so tired of the feeling that you can't post anything here without getting jumped on and closed.

Yesterday I saw someone in the NCAA forum ask a question to people who own both NCAA and Madden a question and it was closed because it wasn't in the Madden section. This is getting ridiculous over here with the closing of threads.

Here is my thread and again it was specific to my needs


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Re: Observation

while I agree with you that you shouldn't be ridiculed for a question...and that threads get closed alot (they really seem to be trying to keep it tight here....if your thread is too close to another it is closed and suggested to post elsewhere....sure it's not personal..If you were in charge I'm sure people would complain of your decisions as well.

As far as your original question...I shared your angst in the past but really this is something you can't leave to other people. You'll have some tell you it's unplayable and others tell you that it's the best Madden ever. I'll say this. I waited until M10 to buy next gen. I simply didn't like what I read here about what was missing or wrong with other years games.
Neither 10, 11, or 12 are great and perfect...quite flawed in a lot of ways but I'm liking it so far.

Read comments from people. Filter out the extremes (unplayable, best ever etc.) and judge for yourself. What kind of person are you? Are you a perfectionisit who needs everything perfect to enjoy the game? Are you someone that is ok with arcade type games and just want to have fun? Or inbetween? Maybe rent it first and try it.

I'm pretty fussy but this year's game plays just about as well as old gen did IMO. It has some annoying things in it but the overall gameplay (at least on all madden with slider adjustments) has been really good for me. Good luck and don't take things personally.
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If interested these are my Madden 12 sliders: http://www.operationsports.com/forum...dden-12-a.html
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Re: Observation

OP, the mod who closed your thread stated why it was closed. If you have an issue with it being closed, then PM that Mod or contact the Site owner.


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