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Old 09-13-2011, 01:02 PM   #17
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Re: Flats and PA

I have no issues using PA or throwing to the flats. Playing on All-Pro default sliders.
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Think Different
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Re: Flats and PA

I love running PA to the TEs or WRs inside the 5. Ala Schuab to Andre Johnson this past weekend. Brady does it all the time too.

Unfortunately, it never works. Any blocking tips?
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Re: Flats and PA

Originally Posted by Beeks
You do know the POINT of play action, right? It's to make a defender take a wrong step, over commit, or pursue the wrong guy.

This does not happen in Madden. It has nothing to do with my 'game'. It has everything to do with the fact that none of the intended goals of play action WORK. Of course I can add blockers, but that's not the POINT of play action. When I run a PA play without making block assignment changes, I should still be able to tell it's play action. But I can't. The only way I can tell is that there is a linebacker riding my QB like a rented mule the second I snap the ball.

Out of the box, PA doesn't work.
Originally Posted by MileHighSalute30
Which is ridiculous. Selling the PA is one thing, but getting instantly sacked is another. Ratings be damned, that isn't right.

When the defense is bltizing, the play action fake does not matter... Try calling playaction on non blitzing downs..
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Re: Flats and PA

This has been an issue for years actually, and while everyones posts in this topic reflect reality my biggest gripe isnt with getting sacked or having minimal time to throw, the main complaint i have is NEVER seeing a LB bite on the fake when hes falling back into his zone (ive seen safeties bite an then try to recover though)
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Originally Posted by Beeks
I will pound the rock all day with Blount, then try a play action on 2nd and 1, and Freeman gets mounted within half a second. Nobody EVER follows Blount... they just hammer Freeman before the PA animation is even done, and I have no way to avoid it. This has happened EVERY time I use PA. It has not worked ONCE, and I've played about 30 games.

Not only that, but if Freeman magically avoids the sack by breaking free, THAT animation of him breaking free, usually runs him right into another defender before I'm able to control him and he gets sacked anyways.

It's friggen ridiculous.
Try a PA on 1st and 10 after a few successful runs. The problem with 2nd and 1 might be that the defense is going for the throat, so-to-speak.

But I've had success with PA passes into the flats for a 12 yard TD.

Next couple games tho I'll keep track of the results of my playaction and the circumstances
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Re: Flats and PA

The AI-controlled players on a user team fall for playaction almost every time. That doesn't help me when I am on offense, but the mechanic is clearly in place. Maybe a tuner update could make the playaction work both ways.
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Re: Flats and PA

From my experience, PA works best if you have a legit QB with a decent PA rating, and a good HB that has had success running the ball in that particular game. not only those things, but a big part of success of PA in madden is the defense you're playing against. You play against the Steelers? get ready to get sacked, cuz they blitz, and they go after the QB. playing the Cardinals? PA will have a better chance of being successful. I find that i can use play-action just fine if i use it sparingly, and against choice Defensive packages or teams.
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Re: Flats and PA

i think i'm going to have to go with the guy with the gripe. i am also one of those people that think alot of peoples problem with this game is not doing the right stuff at right times. everytime i run a play action, it usually just ends up being a sack for the d. i try on 1st down, 2nd and 1, 3rd and inches, every possible scenario. i'll get people to bite it, the whole lb core will bite sometimes, but there is always one guy that will sack me before the animation is over.
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