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4-3 Defense Playbooks

There are new plays in Madden, and some of them are great.
There are also old plays in Madden, and some of them are great.

What there isn't is a 4-3 Defensive playbook that has any variety in Man Blitz schemes.
There also isn't a playbook with the goalline Defense formation that has 2 CBs and lets OLBs cover the flats.

These plays ARE in the game, but they aren't in any default playbooks.

What's even worse, is that it seems each 4-3 Defense playbook run the same style, so there is little difference between the zone/man ALL OUT blitz schemes of Spagnuolo, and the Cover 2 schemes of the Tampa Bay Bucs.
The only difference between each playbook is the inclusion of the 4-6, maybe a 3-3 nickel set, 5-2 etc.

Now with the inclusion of custom playbooks this shouldn't be an issue right?

We all know what's coming next...

Being unable to use a custom playbook in Online Community and Online Franchise games destroy the whole point of them.

Ignoring the fact that these custom playbooks come out as jumbled messes (bearable), the fact that a highly advertised, new feature is not available in every game mode in addition to being broken is unacceptable.

Is it possible to patch existing playbooks?
There really needs to be way more variation the types of blitzes you can call from 4-3 defenses.

Especially as a user of the Rams, the fact that half of the zone blitzes from the nickel set BLITZ the nickel CB and leave the slot guy open, supposedly for a LB to deal with, is ridiculous. There aren't enough man blitzes to counter this and thus half the blitzes are redundant. You add this to a lack of variation in man/zone coverage plays, (used to be a Man Zone play in Rams defensive playbook, in which slots were covered in man, middle in zone from LB and cover 2 over the top - in the game and my custom playbook, but not in Rams D playbook) or even man coverage plays and you really are hamstrung when playing Online Games.

I understand that EA do not value Online Franchise gamers, that's cool (definitely isn't) but for a new feature like communities to be lacking another new feature is just wrong.
It's especially confusing because Custom Playbooks aren't really much use Offline, as calling one play over and over can still beat the CPU, and Online Ranked is where you get all of the cheesers who will abuse Custom Playbooks, while it is Communities and Online Franchise in which all the competitive games are played, with Sim gamers and importantly, THE NEED to be able to adjust, like in real football.
This mistake is confusing the life out of me...

Initially I was skeptical of communities, seemed like a bunch of crap, but I will admit that I am enjoying it, being able to play games vs my friends, having it ranked and counted etc.
Not having either suitable default defensive (hell even offensive... but they're MUCH better) playbooks, or being able to use custom playbooks is a slap in the face.

EA, can you please either put more work into the default defensive playbooks or let us use the Custom Playbooks in EVERY GAME MODE?

Anyone have a workaround in the meantime?
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