offlineFranchise bad Passing Stats and other stats

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offlineFranchise bad Passing Stats and other stats

Hello everyone.
I have some questions for the people bying Madden games and the developers.
How is it possible that year after year EA puts out a disastrous product full of glitches that affect the game in its core elements.
We already know that EA tries to squeeze every ounce of a broken and bad coded engine so that it can save enough money while still trying to tell the consumers that they really care and try to improve their product.We know this cause thats exactly what EA does with nearly all Franchises.EA bought out all competitin through teh years so that they can focus on marketing rather than developing.Like poor mentalist tricks in front of our eyes we still get tricked and byu their products.With the Madden franchise it is more understandable because we have no otehr options so EA knows that and forces us to buy.But if we would resist (i am guilty too of buying this bad product a few times) maybe they would be forced to change.
Isnt it funny that EA sells its Madden 12 product with the promise of improving the offline Franchise experience and it is utterly unplayable(maybe playable if you dont care for ralistic stats and dont care for hardcore bugs like rain and poor graphics on field and inflated sacks by DT and too few by DE and bad DB logic with psychic abilities).Why isnt EA p÷unished by Gaming Magazines and onlione blogs and why does nobody give us a fair review of this game?Is it ethical to lie and lie for years?is it ethical to punish games from smaller developers that do so much gerat things but have bugs,bugs bigger developers have too bad never get mentioned like the lack of creativity does not get mentioned(for example the WItcher 2 with great graphics,characters,story,very creative implements in gameplay and some bugs and gameplay issues versus dragon age or other games where the whole gakme is just mediocre experience with amny bugs that don get mentioned but both are roughly even rated.really?thats teh world we want to live in?
so how can ea not be punished for intentionally lying to consumers taht offline franchise feature is teh main thing when qb are aleading the league with 58% completion routinely?why are we always patronized like idiots by ea?why cant we choose features that have been previously in this game and make them optional but this in and out form year top year just to make us believe tehy change some features is annoyingt?nobody realized that?
whats wrong with this emnatlity?i need answers,this cnat be the world we wnat.and i know some slimy wise guys will tell mo not toc are that much because it is just a game.sure it is.there are more improtant things,but if you realize something is broken with the world and ignore it even u could chnage it than you are guilty.even if it is small things.try to change the world step by step.it aint that hard if more people would care no matter what the topic.
sorry for my english cause it is not my native language.actually i am not sorry cause anyone who thinks language skills or ortography prove someone is smart are just moronic.if anyone thinks that this is more important than trying to udnerstand a message needs therapy.
sorry i am just very frustraed with the game like many many people are.

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