Breathing new life into Franchise Mode

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Re: Breathing new life into Franchise Mode

There are downfalls to both.

People complain that progression isnt tied enough to statistical accomplishments, but as the poster above stated, when it was, it was WAY too easy to make a star. I remember in I THINK Madden 2006 for the PS2, if you had a team full of 70s and 80s and had two good seasons with that team, most of the team would be in the 90s by the third year....even if some of the players werent necessarily that good.

It wont happen anytime soon, but I am personally tired of this lame ratings system. Obviously, there has to be some way to rate these players, but the way it is now isnt working, because most players feel the same (ones that have similar ratings, that is) and in alot of cases, you cannot tell the difference between elite players and average ones.

Someone made a suggestion awhile back about players specific moves, just special jukes, catches, tackles or attributes that only certain players have. That could really do some good for this game.

In terms of progression...since they allowed us to edit players its not as big of a deal as it used to be.

IMO, there is one major thing progression should clearly be tied to that it isnt in Madden, and that my friends....is COACHING. Ive made numerous posts on this. Until EA gets a clue and implements the importance of coaching into this game, it will never feel completely real. Im not saying it should have EVERYTHING TO DO with coaching, because I think an elite type player will be elite pretty much wherever he goes.

But for examples sake, lets say you draft a Linebacker and a WR in the mid rounds. Both are rated 60 and come out with B potential.

Okay....then you have a great defensive coordinator that specilaizes in Linebackers and your head coach also is a defensive minded coach with good experience coaching linebackers. Then say your offensive coordinator is a former QB coach but has a poor or no history coaching up WR talent,

In this case, I think your LB should see his potential increase from B to A just based on the fact that he has so much LB help around him, and his chances of improving should be dramatically better than the WRs chances of improving. it should also be tied to statistical stuff, but the statistics should come more as PART of the progression...not necessariy the key reason for it.

In the end, I just want coaching to play a part in this game, which I dont feel it ever really has. In head coach it did, but never Madden. Not saying it has to be as ellaborate as HC (it would probably turn too many casual fans off), but regardless, coaching should mean something, otherwise there is no point of even having coaches in this game.

Seriously...can anyone tell me a legit reason why coaches are even in this game aside from seeing one walking on the sidelines during the game?
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