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Kicking in Madden

Currently the kicking is way too easy. You can kick 63+ yard FG's like they are going out of style, if your kicker has a 95+ power rating. The accuracy rating is completely pointless, and meaningless. So I'm going to propose a new system, that will make the currant one seem like child's play. It will be; fun, rewarding, and challenging. These are the three main things I would like to see added/changed to the Madden kicking system, so without further ado...

Aiming your kick: First thing is first, remove the red arrow, and replace it with the old onside kick cursor. This would make aiming your kick a bit more challenging. What you would be doing is essentially placing where on the ball that you want your foot to make contact. In conjunction the balls trajectory would follow suit.

The Meter: In my opinion the kick meter is out dated, and has to go. Instead replace this with a timing mechanism similar to what NBA 2k uses for it's free throws. After you get done aiming your kick, and snap the ball, once your kicker starts his run up you have to time his plant then fellow through of his leg by two movements of the analog stick. When you want him to plant, you pull back on the analog stick, and to follow through push forward. The kickers power, and accuracy ratings would determine the timing window. The straighter you move the analog stick the more accurate the kick, and the faster you push up the more power.

Crunch Time: Clutch kicks at the end of the 4th quarter or overtime need to feel as such. I would like to see Madden incorporate an "Ice the kicker" feature previously seen in NCAA. I would also like to see a kicker clutch rating, which would fluctuate the kickers rating depending on his clutch.

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Re: Kicking in Madden

I don't think there is enough time to pull backwards at the plant then push forward for a follow through. I think it would make more sense to pull back to hike the ball, which would effect the snap as well, then push forward on the plant and follow through.

But whatever it is something needs to change
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Re: Kicking in Madden

I would love to see kicking get revamped. Only time I miss kicks with someone like Graham Gano is if there is serious lag, otherwise its and easy 3 everytime I send him out. Bobbled snaps and things like that would also be a welcome additions.


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Re: Kicking in Madden

I'm not a fan of the 2k8 kicking system, but I feel it's better than Madden's. Personally I would like to let the AI take care of Field Goals. I also want a rare chance of a bad snap or hold as well.

Right now I just switch control of my team for FGs. If they miss, they miss. It's far more realistic than what we have now.

Not a bad idea OP... these were just my thoughts on the subject.
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Re: Kicking in Madden

Good thread OP and I believe kicking and punting need two things, an increased User challenge and the option to have the player AI attempt it. Increasing the User control challenge is essential to making the AI kicker/punter a viable option because most people will not take the chance on an AI kicker/punter, if the User control is easy.

That said, I think the User mechanic for kicking should be similar to passing with User timing and footwork needing to be ideal to utilize a Kickers/Punters maximum ratings potential. So just like a User QB should have to set the players feet, utilize their drop back for rhythm and select where to attempt to place the pass, the same should apply for User kicking/punting.

For the mechanic, the left analog stick's 8 directions would determine where the kicker/punter is attempting place the kick/punt and the icon/A button would determine the kicking power by how long it's held.

So on a field goal attempt, presnap, the User would push the left analog stick in the direction the want to aim/place the kick in relation to where they are on the field, then press/hold the button to snap the ball and release the button to attempt the kick.

The quicker the button is released, the closer the kick attempt is to the Kicker's KA(kicking accuracy) rating but the higher the hit to their KP(kick power) rating. Likewise, the longer the button is held, the closer the kick attempt is to the Kicker's KP rating but the higher the hit to their KA along with the chance of getting it blocked or a botched attempt where the User has to try to make a play with the holder.

No arcadey bars, cursors or meters just basic User control mechanics, User timing and player ratings based limitations to create a strong enough User challenge where some gamers opt to let AI Kickers/Punters attempt it. lol
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Re: Kicking in Madden

All Pro Football 2K8 remains the best kicking system to date.

Simply pull the stick back to snap, then slam it forward to kick.

How gently you pull back determines whether or not the snap is bobbled/mishandled.

How hard you slam the stick forward determines power. The angle you slam the stick forward determines hook/draw.

Every football game should use this system. Just add the option for "real FG percentage" ala NBA 2K and we have the best of both worlds: a challenging manual input system and a realistic automated system.
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Re: Kicking in Madden

There is definitely something wrong with kicking if anything less than 60 yards is automatic. Completely stupid.
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Re: Kicking in Madden

The kicker's overall has to have more impact on how hard it is to make the field goal. All I do now is pick up the kicker with the most power. Accuracy barely makes a difference, if any.
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