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Trick Special Teams plays.

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Trick Special Teams plays.

I was reading the long snapper thread and for some reason began thinking about these plays. Does anybody ever use these?

I find the Field Goal plays never work properly. As for the Punts, those do seem to work every now and again which is what it should be. I don't use them often because they seem cheesy at times.

However one of my favorites, as a Bills fan, is to Fake Punt pass and just run with Brian Moorman.

Anyway, do you guys use them, what ones, what is your opinion on them and should more potential trick plays be added?

Thanks to LBzrules: So these threads won't be forever lost.
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Re: Trick Special Teams plays.

Sometimes I use the fake punt where the Snapper snaps it to the Punter's blocker
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Re: Trick Special Teams plays.

I have used the Fake FG pass with some limited success, there usually is a very brief window of opportunity after the holder/backup QB gets up and he gets tackled where you can throw the ball, if you can get it out in that split second it's often a TD, but more often you just get tackled or the pass falls incomplete because the QB gets hit while throwing. I don't think I've ever had any success with the Fake FG run, I just don't see how this can work, only if your opponent for some reason calls a very conservative defense against your FG attempt can I imagine there could be an opening to pick up some yards with a very fast backup QB.

Since I've been using Jarodd's sliders, passing with the Punter is usually out of the question, you simply can't complete any passes with them. But the Fake Snap Punt is indeed very dangerous in short yardage situations, especially with a fast FB this can be deadly.

Still, I'd like to see those trick plays get some love in M13, there are many interesting variants, I'd especially love to see the "Fake FG Toss" where the kicker just runs to the outside and the holder just tosses him the football, it would give you an option to use an athletic kicker if you got one and it has been used in the NFL succesfully (Jay Feely scored a TD on that play two years ago)
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