Madden Popular Questions....Answered!!

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Madden Popular Questions....Answered!!

For those that missed the GC (Buckeye and RedZoneD25) Q and A session.. hope this helps!

Q: are rookie classes randomly generated?

A: Rookie classes: Think Madden NFL 12 with certain players having branchine storylines. You will never be able to tell who is going to be a star anymore, since that is now dependent on both a) the storyline you get in your personal mode and b) how you use XP. It's obviously improved over 12, but as a basic guideline you're seeing the names change for the non-branching storyline guys, I believe that's still the case (will check again though, haven't played in a while)

Q: Are there helmet to helmet hits and penalties?? Any new penalties and especially more realistic PI in game?

A: No H2H penalties. I don't know the real reason but one would imagine the NFL wouldn't want to emphasize what they're trying to clear up in real life.

Q: Do bodies and balls go through players still?

A: I saw very little warping in over 50+ hours of gameplay.

Q: is DPP and hot/cold streaks still in the game?

A: It was still early in the cycle so I'm not sure exactly how or if it has been tweaked for Madden NFL 13, but DPP still showed up in the pause menu.

Q: yeah a BIG question is how do weeeks advance with people being coaches, teams, players??

A: same as usual. just like previous online franchise versions. The Commish has to advance the week from his console. commish can force advance is someone is holding everyone up

Q: is there caps to progressing so there not 99 speed DEs?

A: no but good luck gettng enough xp to get your speed up to 99 as a DE. It's TOUGH to gain XP. You COULD build it up to where you're a 99, but your other attributes would SUCK because of how long it takes to get there.

Q: Suppose I want to switch Dallas to a 4-3. Obviously the coach philosophies and stuff change, but: can I change Demarcus Ware to a 4-3 DE? Do his ratings get impacted in any way? Is he still an absurd OVR similar to doing LB > DE changes in M12? Ware might be a bad example because he's probably at least a 97 to start with, but replace him with a more middling pass rush LB.

A: Ware is a bad example because he would still be a beast at DE, I do not believe you can edit positions in ccm after you start. his rating would change based on a 4-3 olb though which would lower a guy such as spencer (his overall would drop probably)

Q: Does chemistry affect overall if signing to a new team? When he said overalls are different per team, what ratings does that affect?

A: chemistry does not affect overall that I'm aware of, if I am the browns and a west coast offense, I would value possessionreceivers higher as opposed to the raiders who would see a scrub that can run fast as gold.

Q: can you progress backups or do you have to play a guy to get xp for him?

A: You can progress any player on your team using XP. You want to make Nick Foles into Joe Montana? Go for it, but the rest of your team may suffer from it.

Q: can the end-user see holdouts? you couldn't in Madden 09 for example, and the player would seem to disappear, lol.

A: yes, everyone can see a holdout... and if you are shopping a player... the rest of the league will see it on the twitter feed (same with scouting)

Q: Can CPU auto-progress?

A: You can still have the CPU auto-progress if you don't want to yourself for whatever reason, but user control was a big thing Josh wanted to bring back to Madden. Predetermined progression is DEAD! *cheer*

Q: do players progress week-to-week instead of season-to-season? Do CPU progress too?

A: you can do week to week if you choose as long as you have enough xp. yeah you can choose when the cpu progresses other teams.

Q: any clue how good the rookie drafts are and can you find sleepers in 32 man leagues?

A: oh yeah with the new scouting system you will find sleepers... I guarantee it

Q: is there defensive player lock? camera any better than the horrendous super star one?

A: No, all camera views are the same. At this point they want one camera in use for all online game modes until they can ensure it doesn't cause disconnects. there still is the panned view, I was referring to the reverse camera.

Q: So xp is given to the team, and must be allocated throughout the team?

A: Coach XP is what you use to progress your team, and yes, you determine who it is spent on.

Q: And is there a franchise tag?

A: Yes, there is a franchise tag.

Q: how is XP earned? through practice and games? Is it more important to win games? or put up stats?

A: yes, practice mode, in game performance determine xp

Q: can u trade future draft picks?

A: Yep! and teams will have their correct picks that they have traded away in real life for the first time EVER in Madden.

Q: any new penalties in the game?? Is Off and Def PI finally called more?

A: i saw PI called more ofeten after we got to use the physics build

Q: how does re-signing your own unrestricted free agents work? is there still a dedicated "i can keep all my guys" step, or does unrestricted free agency begin for everyone all at once?

A: no, you get chances through out the season to offer them contracts... they may decline and at the end of the year become free agents

Q: any defensive holding or illegal contact? also, do players actually plant their feet?

A: did not see any defensive holding or illegal contact... foot planting looked better in what we saw just from the physics

Q: can players play on the same team?? is 3 vs. 3 still in the game?

A: I believe otp is still in the game

Q: can players play on the same team though in CC?? for ex. Im Big Ben and you're Polamalu? or even a coach and player on the same team?

A: No. It's one coach OR player per team in Madden NFL 13.

Q: was he correct in saying no fantasy draft at all in M13??

A: No Fantasy Draft this year, correct. we kind of insisted on a few commisioner friendly features for the people who do it online

Q: is restricted free agency a thing? supplemental draft? (these are digging really deep, admittedly... there's A LOT in this mode)

A: No RFA or supplemental this year; I was hoping RFA would make it but sadly not in 13

Q: do HOF players join their current team? also, if Im Mike Tomlin and Im fired, who is the Steelers head coach then?

A: HOF players join whatever team you want them to be on. If you are steelers and tomlin is fired you can be the next head coach I believe or switch to a player on that team. whoever the Steelers hire will be the next coach.

Q: can u turn off hall of famers?

A: yes you can turn off hall of famers

Q: is there cap penalties? is there a way to turn that off?

A: yes you can turn off cap penalties

Q: How Smart is the cpu at controlling teams?

A: I didn't see the cpu do anything crazy controlling their team but it was early in the process of tuning ai

Q: can u renegotiate contracts during the season or do u have to wait til the offseason?

A: from what I saw... Yes they do. the players popup on your menu if it is time to start negotiating inseason

Q: do teams play to their strengths, actual IRL philosophies?? Does CPU AI have specific game plans for games, for example, double Calvin Johnson, or bring guys closer to the line if trouble stopping the run? if I throw a lot of screen passes, will CPU adapt??

A: yes they did on me

Q: Did they fix man align?

A: no, it is now best on best

Q: so u have to wait for their contract to expire before negotiating?

A: No, they will come to you when they want to re-sign. That's a feature based from Head Coach 09. vhen they are in their final season they will prompt you to negotiate early if you haven't already. and they are a pain to sign if you arent' winning or ponying up the money

Q: Is the cap increased incremently as the seasons go by

A: just like the nfl

Q: Is there a franchise tag?

A: yes there is a franchise tag

Q: Can I be Bill Belichick in this game, even though I'd never want to be??

A: bill belicheck isn't in the game due to he wont allow it

Q: Does Skip Bayless gush about Tim Tebow in each of his tweets??

A: Bayless is a snarky one in game, didn't see excessive Tebow mentions though.

Q: you know if its the same draft every 1st season?

A: no its a random draft. The drafts are random. Two different leagues will have two different Drafts.

Q: can the user still see every rating for all players in the league? i see we have sub-overall ratings now for things like "physical", "production", "intangibles", etc

A: no, i believe you have to scout just like head coach

Q: did they change the way tackle stats were recorded? are catches allowed in the game as a stat??

A: yes, no

Q: does player production take depth chart position into account or will backups suffer for lack of production?

A: backups will suffer lack of production unless you get them in the game or progress them (on your own teamm that is)

Q: are there still cut days and the like??

A: You'll only have cut days when you need them. No more UDFA forcing your roster to 75. If you go into PS with 53, you won't be prompted to cut.

Q: is connected careers cross-platform, i.e. can PS3 and 360 users play the same connected career?

A: I wish lol

Q: i can practice an unlimited amount? does XP just keep accumulating or is their a limit?

A: no, once per week. and you have to complete the practice objective to get xp. example is being down 21pts in the 4th and you have to come back.

Q: are suspensions in the game or other off-field story lines??

A: No suspensions, yes to off-field storylines. You'll have to find those out yourself!

Q: is PUP in the game??

A: No PUP.

Q: Can you expand on players overalls changing by team??

A: It's based on team philosophies. Real life comparison: Texans move to 3-4, Ryans value decreases. He will play better in his natural system (4-3).

Q: But what would change. As in, his just as fast and as strong as he was as a Texan? So, what attributes change?

A: it's based on HC 09, the philosophy just changes how the OVR value is calculated, not the rating. which, the AI and end-user use the reported OVR value to evaluate players to an extent. in your example, Ryans would not become weaker and faster just by changing from a 3-4 to a 4-3.

Q: how does trading a user controlled player work though??

A: I don't know if you can trade yourself or not?!? never tried, I will see if i can get you an answer from EA after E3

Q: Probowl? All Pro? Awards?

A: Yes

Q: when resigning someone.. is the amount of $$ demanded based more on ratings or overall?

A: demand, ratings

Q: What all can i chose scheme wise when creating a coach

A: any... west coast, vert, 4-3, 3-4, cover 2 etc

Q: Will there be any preseason games?

A: Yes

Q: do they finally have real pro bowl helmets, or are they waiting for it to die off IRL??

A: no pro bowl helmets that I am aware of

Q: Free Agency Length

A: I was thinking it was 3 week advances... but I was lobbying to push to 5 with looman. Freee agency in the offseason will go by advances similar to nccaa recruinting in Online dynasty.

Q: can games played be wiped out?

A: We are hoping they get a stat clearing function in... that is on the borderline of making it

Q: any CC custom sliders?

A: Yes

Q: What kind of commissioner friendly features were you guys pushing for?

A: users being able to go on autopilot so if they can't play they don't have to be booted, the other user can still just play the cpu

Q: Any new ratings categories this year? or are they still all the same?

A: there are ratings categories but now new ratings

Q: Has the crowd noise been improved? any chants, etc?

A: Audio is much improved, IMO. Crowd noise is beast mode this year. Actually felt like playing with the volume up this year.

Q: So is the user catching more user friendly

A: yes for both sides of the ball. but with the new physics scrubs will get the ball torn out and their liver pummeled

Q: So with the new passing angles does it depends on how long you hold the button or is it automatic?

A: its pressure sensitive

Q: How bout that fade in the endzone, is there new ways to defend it

A: yeah... smash the reciever or take it from him.. boxing out works well this year

Q: Are preplay controls just like NCAA's?? HATE strategy pad!!

A: strategy pad is 2nd worst invention ever. The single worst invention is marriage!

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Wow man you killed it! Good job! I see some errors in there though from our end. Hard to remember everything all at once! Good job of asking questions to all involved, that was a 2 hour interrogation.

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Re: Madden Popular Questions....Answered!!

Yes, to DPI working better with physics based engine.

Happy Trails.........................
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Re: Madden Popular Questions....Answered!!

Ok, finished my editing. These weren't all my questions, but a group chat. It was about 3 pages long and took me an hour to compile it. I just wanted to share the wealth of knowledge we gained to those here at OS!!

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Re: Madden Popular Questions....Answered!!

Do you know if they said anything about being able to select multiple team in an offline franchise?
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Re: Madden Popular Questions....Answered!!

Is Dan Marino in the game?
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Re: Madden Popular Questions....Answered!!

Originally Posted by roadman
Yes, to DPI working better with physics based engine.

Happy Trails.........................
I read that point and instantly thought "Roadman can sleep tonight now."
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Re: Madden Popular Questions....Answered!!

Is there any way to edit drafted players (at any point) to bring ANY sense of realism to the offseason?

i.e.-change name, face, etc.
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