EA is a joke. Here is why.

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Re: EA is a joke. Here is why.

I love how the people that suck off 2K completely ignore the massacre they performed on the MLB exclusive license
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Re: EA is a joke. Here is why.

Originally Posted by Theylie
This game is loaded with bugs. Way to many for EA to not have noticed. We all know the game is broken in so many areas. The 1st 15 pages in this forum are loaded with bug, glitches, d/c issues, ccm issues (on and offline), etc.
I have not read 1 thread that has an actual EA dev comment. Yea, you gamechangers respond, but your not devs. No where close to it.

How come I can go to the nba 2k forum ON THIS SITE, and get responses from AN ACTUAL MEMBER OF THE DEV TEAM. And people wonder why 2k put nba live in the grave. This is why. Seems 2k cares more about the product they make.

EA better wake up because if they cant keep the "exclusive" rights and the market opens up for other devs to make NFL games, then Madden will end up just like Live. A $20 dlc only game.
They use to post until trolls started harassing them..sorta like this post of yours. Nothing wrong with constructive criticism...we NEED that..they want that...but threads like this is nothing but a thread to bash EA...its unneeded and immature to say the least.

The game is pretty damn fun imho and this is coming from a 2k5 die hard fanboy..at least i see real improvement this year and tells me we are finally heading in the right direction considering what they implemented this year "IE" ....i was not expecting a butter smooth game that was polished like a gold bar...but none the less its a GOOD improvement in the fun factor...and at the end of the day..bugs or no bugs...want counts is a fun game and Madden 13 delivers that. Sure i wish there were a LOT of things in this year's game that is not..sure i wish there weren't as much bugs and quirks there is in this year's game...but i am not a whinny little kid with a bad attitude with a chip on my shoulder for the past 7 years because the NFL offered exclusive license to the highest bidder, EA had more money so they go it..it was NOT EA's fault..if i was president of EA ..i would of snatched it up too instead of letting the competition get it, if 2k had more funds at the time..they would of gotten it..no? Come on dude..chill and go back to your 2k forums if this is all your dishing out around here..i look at whats here in front of me today..and i appreciate what we got this year.

This thread reeks of stealth trolling 100%. Look at your Screen name and look at your register date.... it does not take a rocket scientist to see that you just registered to these forums with that name only to troll madden forums...get lost chump! Thread reported.
..You win some, you lose some

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Re: EA is a joke. Here is why.

Originally Posted by bkrich83
I can tell you that nothing football related is even on 2k's radar right now.
And you know this how? Not trying to be an *** or nothing but you talk as if you have inside info. Do you? I'm just wondering how you're so sure of this.
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Re: EA is a joke. Here is why.

Originally Posted by jlukes
I love how the people that suck off 2K completely ignore the massacre they performed on the MLB exclusive license
We are talking about football games here...
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Re: EA is a joke. Here is why.

Making a football game is too hard. No other company will want to try IMO.

The problem with EA seems not only do they make the tough stuff look hard but they make the easy, brain dead obvious stuff look hard as well. They never do themselves any favors with all the bugs they leave and easy win features missing. Despite the sales, Madden is clearly not a brand EA are interested in really investing into heavily - they are clearly in a mode where they want to spend as absolutely little as possible and rely as most as possible on the guaranteed sales factor Madden has going for it. That and if you gave EA $10M to put into Madden tomorrow, they'd obviously direct the majority (if not all) of it to marketing. A real shame.

As for EA devs not being available at places like OS, they tried that before with the last team in Ian etc and it worked out, but ultimately didn't make a very big difference.
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Re: EA is a joke. Here is why.

This isn't gonna happen again. There have been literally 9,000 threads like this.

It only ends one way. I will let you guess how.
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