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What's the point?

What is the point of being able to be able to create a player if you can't use him? What is the point of the creation tool calculating his salary and signing bonus if you can't use him in any other mode than "play now"?

I've read it all.I know about the changes,but this seems to me like they made a mistake. I'm ok with no fantasy draft,I'm ok with not being able to edit players(heard about duplicate jersey #'s though which is like last century stuff,but not my point here).

I have been able to play with created players in season/franchise mode since NHL 96(first sports game i can remember having created players). I don't see why I can't this year.I must have restarted 5 times thinking;"I'm doing something wrong here,there is no way I can't make a guy and use him in franchise"(CC)

Sports games by their very nature are repetitive,therefore allowing me to put myself or whoever in my games helps me connect with the game and makes me want to keep playing.Why would I want to keep playing this past season 5 if half the guys I know are retired and replaced by comp generated players. At least I got me and a few friends "in" the league giving me a reason to keep on going.

This brings me back to my initial question. Why even give me the option to make a player? and even plug me to use gameface, only let me use it in a play now game? This makes absolutely no sense. I'm hoping somebody replies with something to explain this.I would even take "you can moron, just do this..." All I know is,they have completely taken the immersion away from at least me,and the game is going back because of it. I like CC mode,it's not terrible,but this tiny little omission is something I can't get around. I know I'm nit picking,I'm just puzzled,and a little disappointed.This would be my favorite Madden ever.If only I could do what I have been doing since I was 12...

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