How is the CPU progression doing in CCM?

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Re: How is the CPU progression doing in CCM?

I stumbled upon something interesting that may be helpful with testing.

So if you choose Progress Players on the checklist it gives you the option to Manually or Auto progress. I choose Manual it brings you to the menu where you see all your players XP. From there you can click a player and see which upgrades are available, how much they cost, and how much XP you have. But you can also press Y and have it auto-progress for that specific player.

Now my assumption is the CPU will auto progress your players the same as they will auto progress the CPU teams players. I am looking at Brandon Moore RG of the NY Jets. He has 2,819 XP to spend. He has the 1 point Stamina upgrade and the 1 point Toughness upgrades available to him, nothing else. If I hit Y to auto progress him it tells me "The player spent 0 XP and purchased 0 packages." That is very good to see he's not wasting his XP on a useless attribute. I am starting to think the CPU will choose to upgrade the attributes based on what attributes are important for each position.

Kyle Wilson CB has 1147 XP to spend. His only option is to spend 1,000 XP on the 1 point Carrying attribute. I hit Y and he spends 0 XP.

I then simmed to week 8 to gather up some XP for my guys, give them more options on upgrades and do more testing.

This time I had LaRon Landry with something like 8,000 XP available. He had the following attributes available to upgrade:

Injury 76 -> 77 6885 XP
Elusiveness 60 -> 61 6000 XP
Spin Move 74 -> 75 6000 XP
Catching 45 -> 46 5000 XP
Pursuit 85 -> 86 3000 XP
Tackling 84 -> 84 2900 XP
Stamina 92 -> 93 2796 XP
Toughness 94 -> 95 2750 XP
Awareness 78 -> 79 2650 XP
Play Recognition 67 -> 68 2500 XP
Zone Coverage 71 -> 72 2500 XP
Man Coverage 57 -> 58 2500 XP
Block Shedding 78 -> 79 2500 XP
Kick Return 50 -> 51 2400 XP
Carrying 68 -> 69 1000 XP

He ended up spending 7650 XP on 3 packages.

I determined by looking at his ratings afterwards and adding up the attribute XP amounts that he spent that XP on Awareness 78 to 79, Play Recognition 67 to 68, and Zone Coverage 71 to 72. I think that is a pretty good job considering those are all in the 2500 XP range and he had about 8000 XP saved up. He could have easily spent it on some dumb attribute like Injury for 6885 XP, Elusiveness for 6000 XP, Spin Move for 6000 XP, or Catching for 5000 XP but clearly he used the XP on the attributes that affect his individual position.

I then looked at Mark Sanchez who had 5447 XP saved up. These were his available upgrades:

Toughness 77 -> 78 1092 XP
Deep Throw Accuracy 71 -> 72 2625 XP
Ball Carrier Vision 70 -> 71 2625 XP
Carrying 49 -> 50 2625 XP
Throw on the run 75 -> 76 2625 XP
Play Action 80 -> 81 2887 XP
Medium Throw Accuracy 80 -> 81 2887 XP
Awareness 74 -> 75 2940 XP
Short Throw Accuracy 86 -> 87 3570 XP
Spin Move 60 -> 61 5250 XP
Elusiveness 67 -> 68 5250 XP
Stiff Arm 28 -> 29 5250 XP
Trucking 53 -> 54 5250 XP
Juke Move 62 -> 63 5250 XP

He spent 5250 XP on 2 packages. They were Throw on the run 75 to 76 and Deep Throw Accuracy 71 to 72.

Looks good to me. There were still many packages in the 10k range that weren't available such as Trait upgrades and Development I wonder how that would affect things and if the CPU ever chooses those. I personally would have upgraded Sanchez Short Throw Accuracy but you can tell when using auto progress they choose attributes which affect their position and that's a good sign.

One thing to note in my CCM offline options I have the setting of Player Progression Frequency on End of Season, but I was able to upgrade my own players anytime I wanted. Perhaps this only affects the CPU players which would be excellent.

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Re: How is the CPU progression doing in CCM?

I read someone else mention that setting for Player Progression Frequency affects just the CPU and that's my experience as well. I think Four weeks is safe to use as from my simming players gathered enough XP at that period to have enough available to upgrade their most important positional stats but I am going to put it on End of season just to play it safe and allow the CPU to secure them the bigger stuff such as Traits and Development packages.
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Re: How is the CPU progression doing in CCM?

also don't forget that coaching scheme has a huge impact on player rating (which I'm not a big fan of).

I have lagarret blunt on my team and he jumped from a 79 to an 89 when I changed my rb scheme to power.

So if the cpu fires a coach that could have a big change on the rating IF schemes change when new coaches are hired.
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Re: How is the CPU progression doing in CCM?

Hmm I just had an interesting thought. I was thinking about the way they have the schemes setup with the individual player roles. I didn't realize but I now see how the Coaching scheme and the progression system work hand in hand.

Mark Sanchez is personally listed as a Balanced QB in his player card.

In the Jets Coaching scheme our QB1 is set to Field General. The description states: Teams that prefer Field General Quarterbacks weigh the overall more towards higher awareness, throw on the run and play action.

During my Auto Progress test it upgraded Mark Sanchez's Deep Pass Accuracy and his Throw on the run. I bet you if I had gone into the Coaching schemes and set QB1 to West Coast it would have upgraded different attributes such as speed, acceleration or Short Pass Accuracy. I really like the system they have setup it is quite deep. If only we had 32 team control and could change the CPU teams Coaching schemes we could control how they auto progress their players. Nonetheless it is a very cool system they have built and hopefully they continue adding to it and perfecting it!

I theorize that if I let the game auto progress my players that in a few years Mark Sanchez personal scheme will change from Balanced to Field General as he gains more and more Field General related attributes. That is quite neat.

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Re: How is the CPU progression doing in CCM?

auto progress seems like the realistic way to go if u want the coaches to matter,.
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