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So many interceptions

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Re: So many interceptions

Last night, one CB did a 180-degree no look interception, he was looking at my WR while he was intercepting the ball....wished I saved the highlight, my jaw dropped to the floor.

Some INTs, I can chalk up to me forcing(even though about once a game a LBer snatch the ball in mid air, and about 10-20yrds behind my intended receiver) but that one takes the cake.
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Re: So many interceptions

i really cant see how you are complaining about the picks. you have to know where the corner back is and what he would do so adjust your throw and put it in a different spot when in tight coverage.

No problem here with picks, just don't stare down one receiver and force passes
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The most frustrating picks are when you throw to a receiver down the field, outside the hash and the underneath defender that was playing man on the other WR below him jumps up get in the pick.

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The one and only online game I played I picked him off 6 times and took 4 for 6.... He quit a few minutes into the 3rd.

I hate online so.... Just made me realize why I hate online.
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Re: So many interceptions

the reaction to make the catch is too quick. many of the occurances I see should simply just be swatted. being able to make these body twisting snap reactions...and making the catch, is a bit crazy.

more swats, less picks.

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Re: So many interceptions

Originally Posted by OpieDJC
My interceptions have gone up this year as well, the most annoying ones are on streak routes when you've clearly thrown the ball past the CB and well in front of your WR yet somehow the CB jumps and catches it as your WR has his hands out infront of him waiting for the ball... Maybe Im rusty but I'm also having some difficulty with out routes. I could just be a noob though, who knows.
Yup. Super DB 2.0. Not as obvious, but still just as annoying and cheap. Good 'ol EA; always a lead innovator in the BS industry.
My score for Madden 13: 4.5/10

3 points for graphics, 1 point for the passable commentary, and a half point for the boxart. I can give no further points since the all over the place gameplay would ruin it anyway.
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Re: So many interceptions

Ints are cool this year. I love how the passing is this year. For starters its much harder to do that quick pass that everyone from cheesers to sim players did. Like picking a post play and seeing a wr and quickly throwing the ball when the wr not looking. Now u have to call routes specificly for that or hav routes with different openings within the route. I love it. Blitz is so much rewarding this year to me.
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Re: So many interceptions

I wonder if its even possible to get an interception against the CPU on All-Madden with no slider adjustments smh
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