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New control mechanic

Here is an idea on how to improve gameplay using a context sensitive approach to controls mapped to the right analog. The game already has a mild example of this with D-Linemen who use the right stick for swim moves and a few other uses as well. Implementation would also require a few other changes to gameplay features or capabilities, so obviously this is not the kind of thing that could be done overnight. Maybe ever. Still, it's nice to dream, right?

  • D-Linemen have the option at the beginning of the play to play run or pass. If they play run, the moves that will be used when utilizing the right stick will be to gain position, not to rip through or spin off of the blocker in a way that often opens up a huge running lane.
  • Also, when the running back is in close proximity, if the right analog is pressed toward the running back, and the defensive lineman is engaged in a block then he will reach toward the running back and attempt to arm tackle/grab him to slow him down.
  • When rushing the passer not engaged in a block, pushing up on the right stick raises the hands of the defender to affect passes. There is little point to hit stick in this situation, and it is rare for defenders to attempt to blow up the QB because of NFL rules. Big hits are usually because of speed and size differences. (QB has little momentum, larger defender has momentum.
  • DBs with the ball in the air, the analog becomes a "reach stick." The defender will raise his arm/arms to block the incoming pass in the direction that the user presses the right analog. This would require better ball physics to have an impact on the gameplay.
  • Before the ball is in the air for DBs, the right stick could be used in unison with the left stick to move the player. If both sticks are moved the player could get a bonus to his agility/footplanting to replicate better reaction to the route running and result in better coverage of the receiver.
Just a few ideas, all on the defensive side because it needs the most attention. I would want the same concept applied to offense as well.

Anyone else have any ideas of better/other ways to use context sensitive right analog controls?

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