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Originally Posted by tfctillidie
The progression really highlights the flaws in Madden.

LB's don't make many tackles, DB's make too many. Combination of unrealistic player movement, poor pursuit angles and suction blocking make it a mess for LB's and too easy for DB's to come in and clean up.

Other obvious flaws:

DB's always hit their INT goals because opportunities come too easily.

WR's rarely hit their catch targets because it's too easy to break long runs and have massive YPC. 5 for 150 is far more common than 15 for 150.

Etc, etc.

Hopefully they use this new system to it's advantage, because it really makes these age old problems very obvious.
Yeah. Most receivers need to get 120 catches to make their goals. That rarely happens. Plus it should take into account how long the quarters are as well.

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Re: Progressing LB's?

I have started getting some decent progression for my LB's with a couple of tricks.

To help get more tackles:
#1) Play on at least 8 minute quarters.
#2) Set the CPU run blocking higher than current settings (I like ~55-60).
#3) Figure out the spots on your depth chart that account for special teams and put your LB's on special teams. This can be between 0-5 extra tackles per game (my experience).
#4) Manually control your LB's on most plays.
#5) If you're playing the CPU, try to avoid running up the score if you are in the position to do so. Forcing the CPU into it's more pass heavy 'catch-up' mode will not help you get tackles for your LB's. However, if you do run into this situation, try to get some INT's for your MLB. Interceptions are a good source of extra xp and it gives you a chance for a defensive TD as well.

To help hit those season milestone sack goals:
#1) Rotate your OLB's into the left DE spot on your depth chart. The left DE position absolutely (easily) generates the most sacks of any of the positions on the field. Every 2 sacks as a LB nets you a nice season milestone bonus, culminating in two massive bonuses at 20 and 22 sacks. This unfortunately doesn't work for the MLB spot as you can't move MLB's to the D line.

Doing this helps me see ~8-14 tackles for all of my LB's and ~1-2 sacks/game for OLB's. This usually ends up being enough to get those season tackle goals and some nice milestone extras.
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Re: Progressing LB's?

Yea, Im not having an issue with my Inside Linebackers (i play the 3-4) leading my team in tackles. They both lead my team in tackles, followed by my strong safety in 3rd, LOLB in 4th, FS in 5th, and LE in 6th...so on and so on...

The issue is reaching those 100+ tackle season goals. I ended my online CCM season with my leading tacklers, (MLB Brian Cushing, and MLB Darryl Sharpton) reaching 83 and 78 tackles respectively. I would have to imagine though that if tackle assists were recorded properly, they each would have had about 30 or 40+ assists which could have easily helped me cross the 100+ tackle plateau. In fact, the leading tackler in that league was Patrick Willis (of course, haha) and he only reached 94 tackles. I know for sure that as good as P-Willy is, he would've had nearly 50 assists to go with those 94 tackles.

It just disappoints me that they have gone this long, allowing tackle assists to be a statistic on this game that doesn't record properly (or should I say "doesnt record at all...").
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Re: Progressing LB's?

"...the CPU is always down, taking linebackers off the field...." Sounds like you need to change your sliders. I use Jarodd's setups but there are other good ones on here. By re-setting your sliders you will have a greater challenge and you should enjoy the game more. In addition, you will be in close games keeping you in your base D longer.

Something else you can do is change your packages for your defensive formation in the playcalling screen. For example, in dime i use "LB rush" package, subbing out my DE's for linebackers in that package giving me more speed off the edge and giving them more playing time. I use 4-3 D but 3-4 will have similar packages.
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Re: Progressing LB's?

Thanks for suggestions, just finished a season here are stats for my top 10 tacklers: I play with the FS or SS safety depending on which is on the left side of the screen.

Player Tak Sacks Int
T.Ward(SS) 72 3 3
T.Jones(FS) 70 6 5
D.Foster(MLB) 70 3 3
A****bin(DT) 40 17 0
J.Haden(CB) 37 0 7
J.Sheard(LE) 37 26 0
B.Smith(RE) 34 12 0
A.Smith(CB) 34 0 8
G.Hayes(ROLB)27 6 0
C.Winters(LOLB)26 5 0

As you can see my OLB's don't have any tackles. I guess I just have to mess around with sliders more.

The funny thing is the cpu can run the ball on me they just give up on it so soon. Once I get up 7+ points they just completely abandon the run even early in the game and when they are gashing me with it.
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