A bit of help with the Pats

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A bit of help with the Pats

i'm looking to incorporate another dimension to the Pats incredible offense with a trade to bring Tebow in from the Jets. I read somewhere that if you use the Jets playbook there are some plays from the wildcat and from the shotgun where Tebow is automatically subbed in. The trouble i have is can i impliment it to the NE playbook? or will i have to switch my team to the Jets playbook? i dont want to take away from the potency of the 2&3 TE sets?

can someone advise and help me please
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Re: A bit of help with the Pats

I wanted to do this too but I then found out that you can't use custom playbooks so no, however the Jets playbook has a playbook out of the shotgun called "Jet Heavy" which has a wide receiver out left, two or three tight ends, and either a fullback or a half back. The formation does actually have some good plays and are effective.
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Re: A bit of help with the Pats

The Dick Vermiel (is that his last name?) has a lot of 2 TE formations with the #1 TE playing slot in a lot of formations as well. It also has wildcat with a few pass plays too for Tebow. Youd have to set him in the formation subs every game but it's a good play book for the Colts, Patriots, Redskins, and I'd say Jets as well.
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Re: A bit of help with the Pats

No custom playbooks means you have to choose the jets, or use formation substitution and select "Backup QB."

Seriously though... you have Riddley, Woodhead, and Vareen. You have a running game already. You don't need loopy tricks to get your yards.

Don't misunderstand me, I have been playing Madden 12 with the Broncos [along with my 49ers, and the Pats] because they all play so differently. I use Tebow, but he does nothing for NE.

If I wanted to make NE better I would start on defense. If I wanted to make the O better, I would look to add a true vertical threat. Tom hasn't had one since Randy. Try to find someone with 95+ speed and high catch. Route running not needed as badly. Just someone who can take the top off the D and open up medium range routes... or give you a big play if uncovered/covered poorly.

In Madden 11 and 12 I have had fun using the Pats playbook with the Eagles and Michael Vick. Okay, in Madden 12 I use a custom book, but it's based a lot of the Pats from the shotgun and the 49ers/broncos from the single back. Anyway, I would dink and dunk with Vick not even thinking run, and then BAM! I would take advantage of a cover 0 blitz or if they only sent 3 at the QB by taking off for free yards. I remember one of my few online games where I only ran 3 times with Vick, twice for 40+ yard TDs, and the other was just to pick up a key 3rd down conversion.
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