Madden 13 next Gen got it right

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Madden 13 next Gen got it right

This is the best Madden since the next gen serious! I could give lots of reasons why but I just give some basics. To start I've been playing since pre madden on Tecmo Bowl and games like that. I kept playing through the years next gen came around they made offline franchise unplayable. I would buy the game than sell it and play nba2k wishing madden franchise played like this.

Lots been asking for a complete overhaul online and offline and both got that are they perfect NO lots of flaws but its in the right direction that's my thoughts. I like ccm coach mode running the team is fun and has story lines the years before we're so dull. Everyone asked for new franchise we got that this year a first step toward a better product. The franchise mode was stripped down and not much fun at all.

The story lines into the draft through out the year even the twitter feed give a decent look. The gameplay is good to better than years past. I remember years back on maddenmania a guy for years just wanted gang tackling. Others wanted franchise mode with some substance and realistic feel. I think they have achieved a lot compared to former years. This last patch also helped its needs a 4th for the other glitches and mistakes but the game is good.

In the first year ccm it's not going be perfect in having fun plsyibg offline and online first time in years!! I know we want the game perfect but this is the best I've seen and I take it from the garbage we got years ago. I know I get told I'm a idiot or fan of EA but I think there should be positive threads when a games good. Nba2k flawed Madden and Fifa are but this the first enjoyable year in recent memory.

If EA ever going to take us serious on going forward with a game lots if us pkayed since the start we need to complain in fashion they can take us serious. People complain to much and not enough of the positives are shown here we all agree we want a good game. It's up to them to do that and if you don't like the product don't buy rent it and see and hit them in the pocket. I for one like the way madden is going I'm going enjoy the game for what it is
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Re: Madden 13 next Gen got it right

I think the commentary is pretty bad this year. They're either off on many things, they say the same things TOO MUCH, or they say things that could not be anymore obvious/are too basic. The CPU cheating is blatant and horrible, the game looks like ish, and the Total Control Passing isn't as good as I hope (the lead passing part can interfere with deep passes, and you can't even throw a higher bullet pass - only a lob, a lead, or bullet), quick reactions by defenders, horribad WR/DB interactions, poor pursuit/tackle angles, blocking, challenges, random drops, etc. and MUCH MORE.

And too be honest, I think CCM is the worst thing they could've added.

Stat based progression, practices that take long (and don't make me feel like a coach), horrible, clunky menus, etc. The only thing I liked was the Twitter Feed, to an extent.

For practice, for example, why not instead make you decide how you want to practice (how long, if you want to play situational football, etc.), then, if your players don't get enough practice, they'll be kind of rusty, not play as well, if some of them are too tired, they'll be gassed out. They need to make your players get hurt in practice, just like in real life. They also need a real gameplanning feature. I know this might seem unfeasible, but if they can, they should let you be able to watch highlights of your upcoming teams like coach would watching film - but again, because it would seem unfeasible, they could do what Madden NFL 09 for the PS2 did, where some people on your staff give you e-mail/messages about your upcoming QB's, such as, for example, they throw a lot of deep passes, he tends to dink and dunk against zone coverage, etc.

They should make your player's progre - no, how about expand on the storyline aspect. Here's what they should do. Make each player have a personality, each have a "meter" or rating of some sort/a type for the following: for Work Ethic, Determination, Nervousness, Football IQ, Courage/Bravery, Confidence, Focus, Attitude, etc. Then, they should make your connection with them determine their progression, along with heat from fans (For example, if you constantly bench your QB when you're not playing, sign another QB, and the fans boo at the QB A LOT (Matt Cassell), he won't play as well, he'll lose his confidence, especially if it's low.

Now, if THIS is what they were doing, I'd be in love with CCM.
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Re: Madden 13 next Gen got it right

I don't know. I've played probably 15-20 games of this years Madden and I have no desire to play any more. Until the game play is fun, responsive, rewarding and or entertaining all the other back end stuff doesn't mean a lot. When I play this game I feel like I'm fighting with the controller, when on offense there is no challenge to passing hence it's not rewarding to complete a pass. On defense the men do not respond quickly enough to user input (left stick or buttons) to give you the feeling that you are in control of the action. until they get rid of the canned animations and scripted results it's always going to be the same. Not trying to pump up Backbreaker but that game has fun game play. Until Madden feels like that when I pick up the controller I have interest. I'll just keep waiting.

I'm pretty much done with video game football until there are some major game play innovations. Not trying to be a troll here but honestly, the game play isn't all that different than past years. And no, I'm not "feeling" the physics. After almost ten years of "next gen" football the game play isn't any more fun than it was on last gen. Matter of fact it's substantially worse.
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