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Madden 13: What Is Your Offensive Style?

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Re: Madden 13: What Is Your Offensive Style?

Now that I've played M13 and more acclaimated to the RGIII system hahaa

I'm using the Panthers PB, it has the Pistol Form, which is nice! It also has a much better variety of QB read option, triple option, and even wildcat runs and passes compared to the Skins PB.

So, I'm just now learning how to use this style of play w/ read options, wildcat PA passes, etc. Its going to be fun using this w/ the Redskins.

Note EA:

1. Why don't you update PBs based off what teams are doing IRL??? ie. Skins didn't really run any Pistol Formations last season, however they are doing much more of now. I have to resort to using another teams PB ie. Panthers to get the plays the Skins are running now IRL?

If you guys(EA) don't have the time/resources to do this, allow us "Hardcore Sim" guys to have the userability to edit our existing CCM teams Playbook. Also give us the option to control 32 teams(very important) so we can get other teams gameplans/star system setup correctly.
The NFL teams(irl) change gameplans and plays week to week, while getting prepared for the next team.

2. Remember the userability factor. Why give us all of these barriers to things that were accessible in previous Maddens.
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and it def depends on who you play with.

in my jets season i struggles a bit running with greene running the ball till he got hurt. once he got hurt i picked up jerome harrison who did a great job while greene was out for 4 weeks and evidently became the starter for me.

when greene struggled i couldnt help but pass the ball and jets really dont have many option at receivers but sanchez is getting the job done and harrison adds a nice balance to the team
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Winning style
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Re: Madden 13: What Is Your Offensive Style?

I've tried a couple of different style, but my two favorite styles are listed below:

The first is based on a Power Run concept (Two WR sets). Big Maulers at OL and Power/Speed Back combo along with a Speed (WR#1) and a Route Runner/Possession (WR#2) receiver. My FB is a Blocker and the TEs are Receivers. This style calls for a Field General at QB as I rely heavily on Play Action passes and throwing on the run.

The second style is based on a Balanced Offense (Three WR sets) with Balanced OL and a One Cut back. My #1 is a Red Zone Threats while my #2 is either Red Zone or Possession. The slot receiver is a Route Runner, TEs are Vertical Threats, FB is Balanced, and my QB is either a Pocket Passer or Balanced.

While the first style relies on the ground game to set up the pass, the second style does the opposite. I try to create mismatches and spread out the defense to take advantage of my One Cut HB.
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I play a lot of online as the Bills and Broncos, so I use an almost college-style spread. 3-4 WR on nearly every down and if they stack the line, one of the wideouts gets open. If they spread out to cover the WRs, Spiller or McGahee can take draws. I don't bother with play-action much because I'm almost always in a passing set.
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Power running game to set up vertical shots downfield.
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Re: Madden 13: What Is Your Offensive Style?

Balanced approach with a dedication to trying to average 100 yards per game with my HB and 70% completion percentage with my QB. That is in the perfect world... The way Madden 13 seems to be (at least with my sliders) is pushing the user towards a bigger passing game than anything.

I am starting to want to force my team to have a terrible passing attack because it is too easy to beat the CPU deep if your WRs have a good enough RLS (Release) rating with 89+ SPD. Couple that with 75+ CTH and you will average 400 yards passing every game.

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I like running the ball but my Bengals suck at RB, so I usually struggle with running. I try to eat up clock and try to set up the play action to hit my man AJ Green and Gresham TE. I payed a buddy last night and I used the 49ers and they were perfect for what i like to do. I used Moss as a possession guy, Gore was banging his Dline, and Play Action to TE Davis was killin him. Davis is special and Crabtree caught some key crossing route first downs for me. Bengals fan using the 49ers I know right....
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