Clint Oldenburg Explains the Strength Rating For Linemen in Madden

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Re: Clint Oldenburg Explains the Strength Rating For Linemen in Madden

Originally Posted by RyanMoody21
I would be shocked if we are provided any more "information", of that detail. Certinaly not for promotional reasons.

Despite the variety of opinions and assumptions in this thread, it's becoming obvious that the community has deciphered this game.

When provided a sliver of information (strength equates to hold time) it was used as a cog to deconstruct the line interactions across the board.

Years of a sub par product and lack of up front, honest information have lead to a consumer based reverse engineering of the game. Eventually will haunt every years release of Madden until its provided a complete overhaul.
This and what Bfd said re the culture of ea football. Its coincidental i was thinking the same thing about how insightful this mans post is re the community deciphering and reverse engineering. We do this as outlaws and vigilantes because, well..

This product lacks character because the company lacks character. This product lacks passion because the producers lack passion. This product lacks integrity because the devs have lot their integrity. At the end of the day we are all bproducts of our leader - this game is a product of its leader and will forever remain lifeless and backwards for as long as its producers remain apathetic to their subjects.

At the end of the day, it's like it was already said, Can someone out there please take pride in their work? Where are the legs in this company? Where is the heart in this company? We see the head and how it operates but damn is it a scarecrow operation?

As bfd said, it is a cultural parody. What does ea and ea football stand for? I remember when it was "ea sports, its in the game!" I would hate to see this franchise become the next lba live fall from grace. I have no predictions but i already perceive the franchise as an eagle that has lost its wings and become reduced to a worm , formless w no capacity to soar again, reduced to crawl and left defenseless to be mocked and ridiculed. The gawking impudence of the product manufacturers is evident in all the deformities within this game.

How did this once soaring eagle become reduced to these lowly ways.. this community cannot be fooled by the indolent marketing schemes that clearly show no reverence for true simulated national football league, football. We have seen the blatant volatility within the slider system which is equally indicative of a game engine that is passed it's time and cannot handle the demands of today without getting all gassed-up and spazzed-out: producing the most herky-jerky, hokey-pokey, sputter,sputter, stop-and-go movements - the game lacks grace.

As representatives of this community, we have gone under the hood of this product and observed it for what it truly is. It aught to be our responsibility to educate the masses w any and all resources and forums available to us.

We cant keep paying full price for an incomplete game. We cant keep paying for nfl football and in return we get arcade physics with skating animations being a bonus of football on ice! whewhhoooo nah we pay for an online pass and they cant even have us use their own servers?! Nah that is unacceptable and we as consumers must take a unified stand because the company itself cannot and will no stand for anything worthwhile, being the worms they have become.
how could I lose? im playing by my own rules..

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