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A hindsight review

Okay so you guys have all had the chance to play madden 13 in and out. i haven't played madden 13 because i wasn't sure about purchasing it at such a high price at the start. I'm considering getting it now, but i would love to hear every1's opinion of the game 8 months after its release.

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Re: A hindsight review

My personal opinion would be to wait. It is an incomplete game and there are other titles that you will likely enjoy more because all of the modes and gameplay in Madden 13 is downright frustrating. Not trying to bash anyone who has worked on the game but it is what it is.
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*ll St*r
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Re: A hindsight review

Depends on what your playing style is.

Sliders help, but don't fix everything, but there are some good sliders in the slider section here that have helped me help me through the inadequacies of the game.
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Re: A hindsight review

After playing through it, it seems to me that last years version would have been good enough. Gameplay is good for the most part, but a lot of things seem to be broken like player progression. I don't think EA has made a great Madden since they nabbed exclusive rights. You don't feel like Madden 13 is a quality product. Seems rushed and unpolished.

I cannot even begin to imagine who designed the game menus. They really went backwards in terms of design and usability. The menus are a mess. I would only buy the game if you are a die hard football fan.
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Re: A hindsight review

It really is a mixed bag. In a perfect world I would take Madden 12, with Maden 13's grass upgrade, Madden 13's pass trajectory & ballhawlk(some love, same hate), the new 13 announcers, and then have them tweak the Madden 12 gameplay to be even better. Madden 12 just needed a lot of polish IMO, I feel the new direction in its current state was possibly a backwards move. I miss the camera work post play of Madden 12, I thought that broke up the poor presentation a little. While it won't matter to some, I also prefer the Madden 12 zoom camera over the Madden 13 one, which is unplayable IMO.

If I were you, I would wait it out. Maybe they clean up Madden 13's graphics, presentation, and crazy looking tackling with Madden 25?
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Wahoo Wah
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Re: A hindsight review

GameStop has a seven-day no-questions-asked return policy for used games; why not buy M13 used and form an opinion yourself?

I don't mean that in an insulting or demeaning way, mind you; it's my view that the best opinion is the one you form on your own from your own experience, augmented with the experiences of others.
Christopher Hooe
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