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Madden 25: Create-A-Team?

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Madden 25: Create-A-Team?

it was unfortunate create-a-team was removed from madden least season, seeing as it'd been a favorite feature of mine, something i'd always enjoyed. although, seeing now that created-players are playable, within connected franchise, i think it wouldn't be a long shot if create-a-team was reimplemented. i think being able to relocate a team provides the necessary features, of editing a stadium, uniforms, and many other alterations, to be able to reimplement create-a-team successfully. but knowing ea's marketing strategy, concerning madden at least, i'm sure they'll wait another few seasons to reimplement create-a-team, then introduce it as a brand new feature, like always. although i'm hoping not.

i think the only downside of create-a-team was the horrid custom logos. i think a large variety of logos, all with similar characteristics, would suffice. so, yeah.

but anyway, does anyone know if it's been included this season, or even mentioned?

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Re: Madden 25: Create-A-Team?

Create-A-Team is a must have in any Madden game.

I still have a franchise going with my friends on Madden 10'

We will just stick with Madden 10' until EA Sports produces more customizable features such as ability to upload your own logo (.jpg .png etc), ability to create-a-team (logo, uniforms, location, etc)

We want in depth customization and total control of the franchise mode. How about the ability to create your own league (including naming the league and divisions to your liking) with say 16 teams and 4 divisions in the league and to be able to make your own schedule where each team plays everyone once in the year.

It's really not hard to add more customizable features to Madden games.
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Re: Madden 25: Create-A-Team?

I like the Create a Team feature in Madden, if done properly. The Madden 12 edition wasn't the best; I thought that the amount of team names/logos could be expanded on.
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Re: Madden 25: Create-A-Team?

Create a team was the way that I used to "Play Madden". Every year, I would create a Cupcake team on all Madden Difficulty and over the life of the franchise make roster moves and draft picks/coaching changes to make my team `a super bowl contender.

Create, was one of the ways in which I really felt like I was developing a narrative for a franchise. I Wish that madden would allow for the addition of a new team to the league rather than simply replacing or taking over an existing team.
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Re: Madden 25: Create-A-Team?

Yeah creat-a-team was the ****... what's the big thing now fantasy football and we use to create our fantasy teams and play against each other.... One year they really had a great create-a-team feature you could even create a league with those teams. I believe it was for Madden on the old XBOX and your right they go away from good things and then bring them back after enough people wonder why it was taken out in the first place.
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Why do you find yourself restricted to Madden if you like create-a-team? You could play other football to get non-nflpa players. I just don't understand why you guys love this mode. Please explain more.

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Re: Madden 25: Create-A-Team?

You guys seem to have the expertise that I am looking for. I am an 50, and I play online against my college roommate who is 500 miles away. We draft teams with a points limit by position each year. We use create a team in Madden 12 to create those teams and play head to head about twice a week. I have seen franchise mentioned in recent post to this subject. I tried to use franchise mode and trade players to create our teams in 13. I could create the team, but when we tried to play online the game would not allow this created from Franchise mode team to be used. Does that sound accurate to you? Any thoughts on how I get where I want to go? Hoping for a way do do this in 25. Doubt create a team is coming back.
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Re: Madden 25: Create-A-Team?

so does madden 25 have create a team option or no? Nobody really answered lol
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