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Madden NFL 25 Impressions Thread

Two OSers have confirmed copies (FLIGHTWHITE & blackout 456) and the season ticket version will be released later today. So with that said....THIS THREAD IS FOR IMPRESSIONS ONLY please keep that in mind when posting. There will be a separate thread for Questions and Bugs and Glitches. Lets keep this thread ON TOPIC.


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Re: Madden NFL 25 Impressions Thread

just got done playing against a guy online. I won 49-10. I think we all overreacted when we said this game is just like last year's game while playing the demo. Because I have never played a more CRISP madden game in my life. Graphics are great. Field and everything looks great. Gameplay is much improved as a whole.

But as with NCAA 14, the blocking is just too good. My receivers were blocking out of their minds. Boldin had a couple blocks where he just FLATTENED the opposing corner. I ran the option all day, just like you can on NCAA.

Impressed so far, but we'll see as I play more.
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Re: Madden NFL 25 Impressions Thread

Just a heads up that there is a roster update you can download in the roster management menu. I assume it will also download if you play online.
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Re: Madden NFL 25 Impressions Thread

Fist play of my game Vick scrambles and trucks a defender a foot off the ground, lol.

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Re: Madden NFL 25 Impressions Thread

First impression after one 15 minute quarter of play....I like. It's pure Madden at its best, a simulation of NFL football that knows its a video game, and I'm good with that. One thing that did strike me was Bills QB Kevin Kolb, he's especially weird looking, almost corpse like.
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Re: Madden NFL 25 Impressions Thread

Simming through the preseason and the St. Louis Rams have announced they are moving to Brooklyn to become the Brooklyn Yanks.

The CPU teams seem to be cutting players and signing FA's. I've also seen several players get minor injuries, one thing that is annoying is you can't see a list of all the injuries. They kept it team by team.

It's very fast to sim weeks this year, rarely does it take more than a minute.

Also the CPU will bench starting QB's. In week 10 Matt Cassell was benched in favor of Ponder for the Vikings.

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Re: Madden NFL 25 Impressions Thread

Currently siming through an offline season to check out overall stats and what the NCAA imported look like once imported. One interesting note which someone else should check out is the inability to EDIT PLAYER ATTRIBUTES during the season. 8 minute quarters (shouldn't matter) All Pro Accelerated clock- 18 seconds. I have not played any games during this offline franchise.

A couple observations for Offline CF
1. On PS3 the loading and siming of seasons seems slow/clunky
2. You can only advance one game at a time through the season
3. Imported draft class players are talked about in the twitter feed during the draft .

4. Seems to be a lot of action in regards to Stadium Rebuilds and Relocation (1st season). Cool addition but hope they didn't over do it.
5. So far both my Wideout 90 Overall in NCAA and QB 98 OVR in NCAA are both in the draft class. Both of these graduated as Seniors and DID NOT go into the draft according to NCAA 14 which is a great sign so far. It is important to note that the QB was actually my backup and the WR is a 5'6 Wes Welker type player. Right now the QB is slated at going in the 1st round 17th overall and the WR 5th round. As someone else pointed out there is no player story lines for anyone in an imported draft class (bummer). Skin color appears to be randomly attached to imported draft classes my WR is a white guy but is black in M25. My 98 overall QB translated into an 80 overall in M25 and seemed to retain some of his core attributes.The biggest take aways when importing your players are that their Overalls do not transfer over to M25. My 98 Overall Qb came in at an 80, my WR 90 Overall came it at a 55, and my DT 96 Overall came in at a 63. The only characteristics they seem to maintain are their Height and Weight and School. My WR was a 93 speed and came in at 86 overall in M25. Not a huge deal but with the inability to edit rosters once CF is started it's definitely annoying.

6. Almost all actions that need your attention can be performed from the actions bar. League Trade block additions, Resigning, Media Chats, Practice, and Progressing Players- very similar to H.C. 09

7. Some quick stats from this season *BIG PROBLEM* (all simed)
Passing leader P. Manning 5100 yard with A. Rodgers at 4600.
Passing TD's A. Rodgers with 31 P. Manning with 27
A. Rodgers 31 INT's
P. Manning 27 INT's
T. Brady 27 INT's
D. Brees 27 INT's
M. Ryan 26 INT's
J. Flacco 26 INT's

*HIGHEST PASSER RATING* ( A couple non starters with higher passer ratings but less than 1000 yards thrown).
M. RYAN 90.5
T. BRADY 90.1


Arian Foster 1600 yards 7 TD's
J. Charles 1400 Yards 16 TDs

L. Kuechly 176 tackles 7 Sacks
D. Johnson 170 Tackles 4 sacks
Michael Johnson 16 Sacks League leader
Ladarius Webb and Janoris Jenkins both lead the league with 6 INT's

Two HUGE glaring issues here- Low TD's by QB's and astronomical Interception numbers which lead to an extremely low passer rating. By my estimation this board is going to blow up once enough people get through their first season of CF. I did not play any games so my 8 minute quarters could not have messed with the numbers (especially elevated the Interceptions that high)....

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Re: Madden NFL 25 Impressions Thread

Simmed through a season to rebuild a stadium without relocating with the Jags. There appears to be no option as to what kind of stadium you get. I got an indoor stadium with a massive Cowboys style jumbotron. Unless I'm missing some obvious menu, a rebuilt stadium seems to be a roll of the dice as to what will come out the other end. Kind of disappointing.
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