Pre-snap changes

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Pre-snap changes

What adjustments do you make pre-snap besides the basic hot route and DLine movements?

I was also wondering what you look for in a defense when making the OLine protection adjustments? Is it as simple as if they are blitzing from that side have the line slide protect that way or am I missing something?

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Re: Pre-snap changes

This is a great thread idea. I actually don't change much pre-snap but a couple of times that I did change, I had a couple of big plays and just don't remember what I even did as far as movements lol...sometimes if I am running to the left I make the simple fb to the left side instead of the right and stuff...

As far as the line protection goes, I am probably doing this wrong but I usually make them block the direction I am running in.
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Re: Pre-snap changes

I make adjustments to routes based off the defense. If they're playing way off ill call a smoke screen and take the free 5 or so yards, if you can make a guy miss that can be a big play.

If they are playing press on my best WR I usually call a fade/streak/go route (whatever you'd like to call it) and take advantage of his speed and high release rating.

O line if I see a blitzing corner or overloading one side I'll shift the protection. Sometimes I'll call a TE or HB/FB off their route into pass protection for added protection if they're sending a lot.

It's very important to use your cadence and "fake snap" to see if you can pull a guy out of his bluff and see a corner or LB blitz they were trying to hide.
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Re: Pre-snap changes

If you're running the hailmary play where you have 3 WRs to the right, and one to the left, if you see the left WR isolated with just a single CB playing deep off of him, try hotrouting him onto that stop route and see if you can beat the CB one-on-one and take it down the sideline. I managed to do it with 6'6" Kris Durham, so it would probably be really effective with a speedier, more agile WR.
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Re: Pre-snap changes

I'm getting to the point that I don't make line and blocking adjustments vs a blitz anymore. If I have my medium-length passing package in (2-3WR, 1-2TE, and beast 3rd down receiving back Theo Riddick), I just put him in the slot to see if they're blitzing. If they aren't, he's probably covered by a beatable LB for a wheel or even a fade if I'm feeling lucky. If they are, I'll send him on a quick out pattern and trust myself to make someone miss.

Sometimes I put my FB in beside the QB for pass blocking on longer downs. If I see a good deep route combination, I'll keep my RB in as a blocker to buy myself enough time.

If it's a running play and I see that they are either blitzing or playing press coverage, I'll immediately audible to the quick pass setup and send one or both on fades (I usually put my best release WRs in on run-centric formations to give myself that option on PAs and quick passes).

If I have a short yardage, running situation, I'll choose a run play that gives me a good counter to their defense on audibles (i.e. choosing sweep or dive while the Power O is an audible choice). If the numbers don't match up, I'll check to see if switching sides will work. If not, I'll try the audible and do the same, giving me 4 run options every time I try to run. This is especially effective on Goal line situations.

As for defense, if it is 4WR or 3WR 1TE, I'll go into man coverage, Dime. I have 3 90+ CBs, which gives me the opportunity to use the CBs inside package, sending my best press guys into the slots, which is where a lot of plays go in these formations. I'll call Man Cover 2, set those CBs on press, my next best on press, back off the remainder and user one safety to take away corner routes. This works best for me, since I have decent pass rushers and this makes the QB wait a second or two before the receivers get into their routes.

If I'm facing a team with basically one good receiver, I'll do man coverage with him all game long, usually adjusting LB zones to make up for a possible void in coverage.

Just don't try to press Fitz or someone like that. He'll kill you if you try that.
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Re: Pre-snap changes

I almost always make adjustments (I play online exclusively). My main goal on defense is to try to throw something at them that they are not accustomed to seeing.

One of my favorite examples is to call the FS blitz play out of the dollar formation where its cover 3 except the safety and LB on the same side blitz. So when the safety does his automatic "walk to the line animation" I will hot route him to man coverage on the slot/TE on that side (if I think the guy will throw the hot read to the spot the safety is supposed to vacate), to a hook route (if I expect a throw to the flanker) or even QB spy.
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