Is Madden 2003 PC better than Madden 2004 PC?

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Is Madden 2003 PC better than Madden 2004 PC?

In my humble opinion....YES. I pulled out Madden 2003 for the PC the other day after playing several games and sold my copy of Madden 2004 PC!

I play in classic mode at All Pro level.

In Madden 2003 PC the gameplay is somewhat more solid and by NO means at perfect game.

Example A: I am at times able to block field goals in Madden 2003PC at least 4 or 5 times a season.

Example B: Sack problem isn't an issue like in Madden 2004PC playing classic mode.

Example C: Interceptions are less frequent in Madden 2003PC.

Example D: Overlay stats reports during game shows up throughtout the game in franchise mode not just in the 2nd quarter like in Madden 2004PC.

Example E: User profile works as advertised! Not in Madden 2004PC.

Example F: Referee volume is much louder than in Madden 2004PC.

Example G: QB slide works in classic mode, not in Madden 2004PC.

Example H: More injuries in Madden 2003PC not in Madden2004PC... I got 2 injuries in 3 seasons that lasted put together 5 weeks long in Madden 2004PC.

Example I: In rainy weather while playing games on grass, the field deteriorates much better than in Madden 2004PC.

Example J: The speed of the players are more realistic than in Madden2004PC which is tooooooo fassssstttttt.

Example K: I get offsides and encoachment calls much more than in Madden 2004 PC! If I remember correctly, I never got an encoachment penalty call against a CPU team.

Example L: Cut scenes are correct in Madden 2003PC not in Madden 2004PC. I recall in Madden 2004PC a cut scene showing my coach yelling at my team after a long catch resulting in a first down by my team. Also after a false start penalty call on the CPU team, a cut scene showed of one of players raising up from the ground rejoicing! And other cut scenes shown at inappropriate times.

Example M: Frequency fumbles are more realistic in Madden 2003PC than in Madden 2004PC.

Example N: In Madden 2003 there is OVERTIME in preseason games for some reason not in Madden 2004.

BTW, here's the official NFL 2003-2004 overtime rule:

From The Official Rules of the NFL 2003-2004

According to Rule 16 Sudden-Death Procedures

Article 1.
The sudden-death system of determining the winner shall prevail when the score is tied at the end of reguation playing time of all NFL games. Under this system the team scoring first during overtime play herein provided for, shall be the winner of the game and the game is automatically ended upon any score (including a safety) or when a score is awarded by the referee for a palpably unfair act.

Article 2.
At the end of regulation playing time, the referee shall immediately toss a coin at the center of the field, in accordance with rules pertaing to a usual pregame toss (4-2-1). The visiting team captain is to again call the toss.

Article 3.
Following a three minute intermission after the end of the regular game, play shall continue by 15 minutes periods with a two minute intermission between each such overtime periods with no halftime intermission.

Exception: PRESEASON and regular season games shall have a maximum of one fifteen (15) minute period with the rule for 2 time outs instead of 3 as in a regular game and include the general provisions for the fourth quarter of a regular game.

At the end of each extra 15 minute period, starting with the end of the first one, teams must exchange goals in accordance with rule 4-2-2. Disqualified player(s) may not reenter during overtime period(s).

So why was it taken out in Madden 2004 is beyond me!

I can go on and on but time doesn't permit.

In conclusion, If you like owner mode and playmaker that's in Madden 2004 with it's flaws in gameplay compare to Madden 2003PC, then Madden 2004PC is for you. Since I never like teams relocating and having different uniforms and dealing with finances and all the above mentioned flaws, I don't miss Madden 2004PC. Maybe Madden 2005 PC will be much better. Only time will tell.
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