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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

it was just one game in the wee hours of the night. about to dedicate some more time to it.
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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

After playing a couple practice games I decided to start a Coach career. I was able to get 2 preseason games in. The more I play the feel for the game is coming back since I hadnt played Madden in quite a few years. Have to say Im really impressed with the game. Maybe its just because I havent played a Madden game in such a long time but it seems its really progressed a lot since I quit buying it.

Game on All-Pro is definitely giving me a challenge, and running the ball is definitely rewarding when you break a good run off, its definitely not easy by any means, or atleast not for me. I also noticed you have to mix it up or the AI catches on and will drop you for a loss if you become predictable, I love that addition.

Defending the pass is definitely challenging, as I remember when I finally quit buying the game the AI passing was easy to stop, not so much anymore, especially if that QB is elite.

Defending the run on the other hand seems a little to easy after a few games of getting use to playing. I think the AI run game could use some tweaking as its fairly easy to stop. Plus the AI tends to go away from the run too and pass a lot more, I know its a pass happy league now days with the idiot commissioner running the game of football with all his ridiculous rule changes that lets half the QB look like Dan Marino. But I do think they should be running a little more and having more success than they are against me, considering I havent played in asuch a long time, I know I cant be that good at stopping the run.

QB's are definitely too accurate, and I have lowered accuracy down to 5 for bothe me and the AI and thats seems to be getting close to the right % of completions, but really shouldnt have to lower it down to get accurate %, plus it seems the AI wont look deep to often with it so low either.

FG accuracy is definitely too easy as its always been to easy in this game, and it would be nice if on occassion you could block a FG attempt.

As has been mention already but sim stats definitely need looking into and fixed.

Penalties do seem better than they were the last time I played this game, but still need tweaked quite a bit. Dont dee enough PI calls, nor does the AI jump offsides on defense ever. I have seen a OPI call which is actually better than it use to be, but considering how they baby receivers now days its not near enough as I have only seen 1 on 4 games played.

Overall Im enjoying the game, which isnt something I have been able to say in probably 10 years with Madden, or any EA football game over the years. I do think for once in along time the devs actually put forth a descent effort, but they could do themselves a lot of good will by fixing the issues that people are complaining about , or atleast the legit ones, as I know some just complain to complain,lol.

I have had 1 freeze when I went into game day prep and ran a drill as I was leaving that drill after I finished it to go back to main screen it froze and I had to turn off my PS3. After that I just set gameday prep to auto, as I didnt want to take a chance on having it happen again.
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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

This game plays best on Fast game speed. At normal the player movements feel janky to me. Player movement and decision making is a lot smoother on Fast imo. Hard to tell what game speed I'll be playing with in my CCM, but it definitely wont be Normal.

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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

Played a game with 10 min quarters,15 second play clock and it took about 50 minutes. Here are stats from the game(I'm using pro mode right now)

30 points
228 yards
15/24 passing
9.2 yrd passing average
3.0 yrd rushing average
4 sacks
46.5 yrd punting average

6 points
183 yards
19/27 passing
6.9 yrd passing average
1.6 yrd rushing average
5 sacks
31.4 yrd punting average

What do people think needs to be changed slider wise? Sacks might be slightly too high, and rushing needs to be improved on both sides for sure. The main thing I'm hating though is how AI struggled on offense,yet their QB had 70% passing?! QB accuracy for AI is set to 25! Main thing seems to just be that their receivers are always so open. It's like the second after a snap, 1 receiver runs an entire route where he's open for 90% of it. For me ironically,seems to be opposite, all my receivers seem to be covered for 90% of their route(not to mention my QB has very little time to throw the ball)
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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

it was just one game in the wee hours of the night. about to dedicate some more time to it.
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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

Can you control more than one team in Franchise mode?
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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

Originally Posted by wodi
Can you control more than one team in Franchise mode?
As many as you want.
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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

after more time with 15, Im starting to enjoy it a bit more.

a plus is the options given to your defense, especially with covering receivers.

before you could just guess pass or run plays. but now when in coverage you can also select either playing over the top, underneath, or the middle of the field. thats nice layer to add to the defense, using this feature does help with the robo qb feature.

I think this layer of d allows you to disguise coverages better also. now not only can you blitz with a lb, but you can also tell your defense how to cover. thats a very nice touch, especially when protecting the first down markers. its very satisfying to have your defense to react in a realistic manner in those situations.

the aggressive tackle feature needs to be patched, cause you can catapult from the lb position untouched when you time the snap correctly. it always results in a loss.

special teams need to be patched also. too many players on kick offs run away from the returner. this seems more prevalent in this years version. alot of big returns on kick offs and punts

gameplay can be unbalanced at times. run game is too easy.

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