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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

Stat overlays are nice
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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

I'll save gameplay impressions for later, after I've played more games and made slider adjustments.

Just disappointed in so much same-old, same-old. CPU punters still don't try coffin corner kicks, players still have no awareness of where the sidelines are, the preseason depth charts are still horribly messed up after the first quarter, teams make stupid cuts during camp (i.e. Titans cutting Bishop Sankey), penalties still occur at a higher frequency on kick returns and field goal attempts (false start) than they do on other plays.

On the positive side, I liked what I saw on my first look at the draft class. Didn't see any names that no sane parent would name their kid, all of the projected first-rounders were from FBS schools with the the SEC having the most, and a FSU QB was projected 9th overall- too bad we can't even edit names.
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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

I must say I was impressed with Madden 15 for the 360 , its not just Madden 25 with roster updates

Graphics and lighting are a lot sharper
Game play is very smooth
instant replays are a lot better
no more water boy after every timeout Thank God
training mode now has NFL concepts which is cool for people like me that watch the NFL but don't really no all the in and outs

There is a little stutter but I have only noticed it twice , once a game
I do think they should have included the new play call and match up advantage pre play option

still have not played a CFM but very excited to with the new game prep featur
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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

Originally Posted by bangarrang
I purchased today and have played three games in career mode as owner.

Madden 15 is certainly very similar to Madden 25, but I will say it is slightly better. Like others have said, it's difficult to put a finger on why it seems better. Game play seems a little smoother and I'm not finding myself shaking my head as often as previous years thinking "what the hell just happened, that's crazy."

I haven't had a receiver run immediately out of bounds, continuing his original route after catching the ball (yet).

Graphics are slightly better but it's barely noticeable, if at all.

Announcing is the same quality as last year, no better and no worse. They might say a few new things but it's basically the same.

Each year, there are normally a couple of things that happen in gameplay that leave me wondering if EA played it at all prior to releasing. This year, it's only a one thing so far, and that's CPU accuracy. Playing as the Panthers, I got shredded by Mike Glennon in the first game vs the Bucs. I think he had three incompletions all game. The second game vs Matt Stafford went better and he was around 60% or so. The third game, just played, was against the Steelers and Bruce Gradkowski was filling in for an injured Roethlisberger. Despite being under pressure all game (he was sacked six times) he only had four incompletions, one of which was an interception. The third game vs Gradkowski was played with an adjusted slider of CPU QB Accuracy set at 35.

Besides that, I think it's a good game. Slightly better than last year, but not a huge difference.

I don't regret buying it since this will likely be the last console game I buy because I have no interest in buying a PS4/XB1 and it's a slight improvement of last year.
The first game I played was like 45-35 or something like that. I mistakenly did it on pro but still their QB started 15-15 or something like that. Matt Ryan is good but not that good.

once I adjusted sliders and skills it was more realistic. I'm still tweaking them. But it felt more realistic and a more realistic game. I had the game go on to long but other than that it has been good. Last year didn't have all of these sliders, I miss the differing skills for offense and defense but sliders can cover that.
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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

Ug, my first "impression" was that the 49ers helmets are awful. They just look brown and not at all metallic, at least in anything but bright sunlight.

Same with the Vikings - not "matte" element to their uniforms or helmets, which are too shiny.

Very happy with the gameplay, thus far, and can echo what others have said - run game appears challenging, but rewarding, as does the passing game; CPU passing is too accurate; read option is fun yet still balanced.
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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

How the heck do we not have a stick impressions thread here? Last gen has quickly become the red-headed stepchild that none of the admins here seem to cares about.
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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

War in the Trenches are just the power and finesse moves used as the buttons instead of the stick . So it is on the last gen just with less animations and not the lil pop up that says perfect .
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Re: Past-Gen Impressions Thread (360/PS3)

Does anybody know on the ps3 version does Larry Ridley to the pregame comments? I know the graphics aren't the same but I'm wondering about the commentary.

Also is there the halftime show?

Also for anyone who started a CfM and created themselves as coach does the coach finally were a headset?

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