My view on the current Madden series

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Re: My view on the current Madden series


Programmed2Kill said:

ronnyballgame said:

WaddupCouzin said:

Programmed2Kill said:
Uh...Any chance the EA vs. Sega War comes to a halt this year?



Yes? No? Maybe so?


It will never die.

Quite frankly P2K, it shouldn't die, for all of us at work it makes for some sort of mindless entertainment. The quote about while us real men play Madden was worth the price of admission! Here's a new slogan... Buy Madden, the Manly game!

The manly game, lol, holy jeepers dude, you are a friggin stand up comedian with that approach, the Manly game, dude, if you look at the age and the people buying Madden, its a majority of kids who have no clue about football, coz you needed to strategy to play 2004. Madden doesn't challange it tickles, lol, you know its true, Madden is the the Little League of videogame football bro, ESPN is more realistic, and you know this. I have had plenty of friends who could sit down and pick up and play with Madden, ans enjoy it, I am not saying Madden is a bad game, its fun, but not Manly, ESPN is for the pros. So here is your new Slogan, Madden...A GAME EVERYONE CAN ENJOY!, and for ESPN.....ARE YOU READY TO BE CHALLANGED!

I love this time of the year, I really do.

Do we still have the "Asshat of the Week Award"?
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