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Re: New Madden Screens and Video


SportsK1NG said:
that just shows what type of company EA is if they do BS like that.. REAL fans of football and not just Madden fanboys like to see what all the games have to show not just buy one game just because. but if they think "oh we know madden is gonna sell millions we dont need to show anything we said was fixed because people will buy it and love it anyway, no point in changing the game lets just keep it the same and lie about it then ship it" thats okay because they are right people will still buy any game they put out. oh well

I really hope you are not calling me a Madden-fanboy .....I understand that the small internet population sports gamers want to see screen shots and gameplay vids but you and i are really not going to be able to know how good the game really is based off of vids and screen shots anyway. Not to mention, VC really needs to pump out screen shots and vids to market their game as much as they can while on the other hand, EA does not...so stop crying....please!
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Re: New Madden Screens and Video

im not crying.. you can look around these boards and find a lot of crying but wanting to see videos of a game hardly counts as crying. but whatever man.
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