Two Things (or maybe it's one)

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Re: Two Things (or maybe it's one)

Originally Posted by schel
True, the way it is now is fine for a default setting. The average gamer would probably get frustrated. Though the slider's don't give you enough control over the amount of calls there are in a single game. Even if you max out holding you don't get enough of them. Same with pass interference and all of those other penalties. It would just be better if the sliders could represent a wider range of values.
Exactly. There's absolutely no reason why the sliders shouldn't be more effective. Maxing out the slider should result in a holding penalty every other play. Not that that's remotely realistic, but maybe some nut out there actually wants to play that way.

Leave the default setting where it is for people who feel "frustrated" by penalties. They frustrate me too, but it's that very emotional up/down that draws me to the game in the first place. Let those of us who want realistic game play have realistic game play.
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Re: Two Things (or maybe it's one)

Originally Posted by Alanb
That's very odd. Is it possible that in adjusting all the penalty sliders in some way, OH occurences could increase more so than if you just maxed the OH slider alone?

Strange. Either one of us is delusional or else there's something going on here. It could be that because of randomness, I just haven't seen that many OH calls. I don't think I've played a great number of games yet to make any completely valid assertion.

I'll just hold off and see what happens.

To the game (and lord do I stink),

Is there a chance it has something to do with the team you are playing as? I mean some teams have a ton more penalties than others. Do these maybe key off of an awareness stat or something so teams with alot of low awareness players are going to have more penalties?
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